China Championship Pool Tournament Betting

This Monday the 24th of September 2018 is when the annual China Championship Pool tournament will be starting, and as is always the case the very best pool players in the world will be descending on the City of Guangzhou n China to take their chances in that tournament.

You may be planning your current betting activities on that week long pool tournament, and if so then now is the perfect time to visit sites like MobileBet, for by doing so you can take advantage of their futures betting market and lock in some true valued odds.

Keep in mind though that the current betting markets on the China Championship Pool tournament will be live until the tournament starts and then it will switch over to an in-play betting market and that is when the odds on the players left in the tournament are going to start to fluctuate.

But as it stands for you to get the best valued odds on whichever pool player you do fancy backing, you should ensure that you place your bets right now, for if any player do win their initial few matches then you can bet your bottom dollar their win odds will start to drop as the number of players in this tournament do!

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Current Favourites to Win the China Championship Pool Tournament

The sport of pool is obviously a very fast playing one, and if one player does make any errors at the table then you can often guarantee their opponents will take full advantage of those errors, and as such that does ensure the odds on each player can vary on each individual game quite wildly.

However, this year on the China Championship pool tournament you are going to find that on the early prices betting market you are not going to find any current red hot favourite player to win, and as such any player that you do fancy the chances of is going to be available at some very decent odds right now.

As for which players are attracting the most money, well I would say it is those that are currently on offer at odds off under 10/1 that are attracting some support of the early betting market, and as to just which players they are, well it is John Higgins that is the current favourite to win this even being as his odds are 9/2.

However, as you would expect plenty of other players are in which a favourable chance of winning this major pool tournament and taking home a huge chunk of the prize purse and they include Mark Selby whose odds are 6/1.

Judd Trump who could pull this event out of eh bag quite easily at his current win odds of 7/1 and there is a chance that Mark Williams could win too at 8/1.

Each-Way Betting Odds

MobileBet are going to reward you with some very generous each-way terms if you do decide to make use of their future betting market on the China Pool Championship this year, and those terms and one half the win odds if you chosen player finishes first or second in this tournament, on the place part of that bet.

You do of course also get the full odds pay-out if you chosen player does win this event on the win part of an each-way bet, and considering the odds on all pool players right now are so very high that is the type of bet most punters are taking full advantage of.

If you do not fancy the chances of any of the four most likely winners of this event this year that are mentioned up above, then allow me to take a look at some other players that may just come out on top as you there are plenty of other players that do have the skills and abilities of getting placed at least in this tournament this year or could even come out on top and win it of course!

As far as just who those players are I think it may be beneficial for you to consider placing an each-way bet on the likes of Ding Junhui or Kyren Wilson at 11/1, or even have a small speculative put on the likes of Neil Robertson12/1 or even Barry Hawkins at 14/1.

Pool Players with Very Little Chance of Winning

The bigger the odds on the futures market, the lesser the chance a player does have of winning this event, and there are loads of players who do appear, at this very early stage of the tournament to have very little chance of winning or for that matter getting placed too.

Take for example Chris Wakelin at 100/1 and Anthony McGill whose odds are currently huge at 125/1, it would be a major shock if either of them did go onto win this tournament this year, however in the world of pool anything is possible, so I would never write them off completely!

In fact, I doubt that Graeme Dott at 150/1, Michael White whose odds are even bigger at 175/1 or Mark King at 200/1 are going to be in this knockout pool tournament for very long, but if you do think they will be then those odds are certainly going to be very appealing to you.

As for the current crop of pool players that have no chance what so ever of winning those tournament this year, if the odds compilers at a MobileBet current set of odds are anything to go by are those that have odds of 100/1 attached to them.

Those players are Rhys Clark, Rod Lawler, Chang Bingyu, Luo Zetao, Bai Langning, He Guoqiang. Ashley Carty and Allan Taylor, and it does look like the only people who are betting on them right now are their close friends and possibly family members too!