arc asia cup betting

Consider Betting on the AFC Asia Cup

What I do like about online and mobile sportsbooks such as Quinnbet is that their team of odds compilers are always prepared to offer odds and often very generous odds on their futures football betting markets, and also on football competitions that you may never have heard of or even come across before.

Take for example the betting market they are currently offering on the AFC Asia Cup. That may be a football competition that you have never bet on before and have no real knowledge of, but it will certainly be worth giving that betting market a one over at that betting site.

I say that for there really are some outstanding betting opportunities upon it, if you can swat up your knowledge on the teams that are playing in that completion, and one team that has been attracting a lot of early support are Japan who are the favourite to win the AFC Asia Cup currently at odds of  7/2!

There are however no ends of other teams that could make the grade and win this event, and one that you may be surprised to hear are the second favourite are Iran at 15/4. Then there is the Republic of Korea at 4/1 that does look a rock solid bet and also Australia at 5/1.

United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

The fifth joint favourites to win the AFC Asia Cup are the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and if you are quick you are going to be able to secure odds on either team of 8/1, and there is a chance they could do well in that competition.

As for some rather speculative punters, well you could fancy the chances of teams like Iraq at 14/1 or Uzbekistan at 18/1, but it is rather diffult to make a case for teams such as the Syrian Arab Republic at 25/1 or Qatar at 28/1 or even China at 33/1 winning, but this is football after all so anything is of course possible!

The Rest of the Teams in the AFC Asia Cup

It will be your hard earned money that you will be betting with if you do fancy placing a bet on the futures betting market over at Quinnbet on the AFC Asia Cup, and as such I will now give you the names and odds of the rest of the teams taking part in it, that you should be wary of betting on, rather than risking your money doing so.

The teams that are not attracting many major amounts of cash on this completion at any betting sites are Thailand at 80/1 and both Oman and Jordan at 100/1.

In fact, with Bahrain at 125/1, Lebanon and North Korea at 200/1 and with Vietnam being offered at odds of 500/1 along with India and Philippines, Yemen, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan at 750/1 you should forget about placing a bet on any of those teams, for it is impossible to see any of them winning this competition or making it into one of the higher positions of the final standings.