Current Betting Odds on the French Grand Prix

The French Grand Prix will shortly be starting, in fact it is this Sunday that race starts, and as such you may be interested in finding out where the smart money is going on the betting markets, and if that is the case then please do read on!

One of the very best betting systems to adopt when you are betting on Grand Prix races is to stick to betting on the favourites, however in the French Grand Prix this year it is the Mercedes driver L. Hamilton along with the Ferrari driver S. Vettel who are the joint favourites and their odds are currently 13/8 to win this event.

There is of course nothing what so ever stopping you betting on some of the other drivers that do have a chance of winning this race, and as such if you want some slightly better odds consider a wager on drivers such as the Mercedes driver V. Bottas at 7/1, the Bull driver M. Verstappen at 8/1, the other Red Bull driver D. Ricciardo at 10/1 or the 12/1 shot that being the Ferrari driver K. Raikkonen. All other drivers have gigantic odds of between 400/1 and 1000/1 associated with them winning this event!

Bet on the Team You Think Will Win

With Mercedes at 10/11 and Ferrari at 11/10 being the two teams at the top of the Team to Win betting market, you may fancy placing such a bet, but do consider the chances of Red Bull coming out on top and winning this event for there are some much higher odds of at 7/2 associated on them doing so!

Much like the betting market above there are some huge odds on the other teams that could win and they include Renault at 200/1, and both McLaren and Force India are available at 400/1, you can bet on the Haas team winning at odds of 500/1, Sauber or Toro Rosso at 750/1 or for a risky bet how about betting on the Williams team to win at 1000/1?

Who Will Achieve the Fastest Lap?

It is hard to look past the likes of the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen, the Ferrari driver S. Vettel and the Red Bull driver D. Ricciardo as to the drivers in the French Grand Prix that will achieve the fastest lap time and all three of them are available currently at plenty of betting sites at odds of 3/1.

There are three other drivers that could achieve the fastest lap time and I would never put you off betting on any of them if you do fancy their respective chances and they are the Mercedes driver V. Bottas at 10/3, the other Mercedes driver L. Hamilton at 10/3 along with the Ferrari driver K .Raikkonen at 13/2.

If you want to throw caution to the win and bet on one of the drivers with much higher odds available on them on the fastest lap time betting markets then consider a few speculative bets on drivers such as the Force India driver S. Perez at 200/1, the McLaren driver S. Vandoorne at 250/1 or even the Sauber driver C. Leclerc at 750/1 and of whom may just manage to achieve that honorable fete!