Current Football Transfer Betting Markets

I have seen a lot of speculation that players will be moving from one team to another when the next transfer widow is open, and you have probably hear all manner of rumours too.

However, whilst it can be very difficult to separate fact from fiction when it comes to such transfer rumours, however if you can make sense of them, and fancy betting on any players being transferred from one team to another, then there is of course money to be made.

With that in mind I am going to be taking a good look through the betting opportunities available on the football transfer betting markets available over at the Paddy Power site below, and giving you some insight into the odds on some players being signed up by a range of different teams.

So if you do like the look of the odds listed below on any players, then make sure you make use of the Paddy Power betting site, and by using our links to sign up to their betting site you will be able to bag their valuable sign up bonus too!

Callum Wilson Transfer Betting

Let me quickly rattle through the odds being offered on a range of different football teams who may just sign up Callum Wilson before the 1st of February 2019.

You will have no difficulty being able to back Chelsea at odds of 6/1 as his new home, however the odds then jump massively on all other teams and they include the likes of Everton as well as Leicester at odds of 20/1.

I seriously doubt that Man Utd are going to be putting in an offer for him bit if you do then their odds of doing so are 25/1 and the only other team that could bid for him is Tottenham but that is unlikely as their odds are massive at 33/1!

Anthony Martial Transfer Betting

Let me now move onto taking a look at the transfer betting market that is in place on Anthony Martial, once again if you are 100% convinced that he is going to be making a move before the 1st of February 2019 then read on, for some of the following odds on teams that could bag him are quite high in value!

Inter Milan are the current favourite team to sign him up at odds of 3/1, followed by Juventus who are on offer at odds of 4/1, and whether Everton will make an offer on him that is accepted their odds of doing just that are 9/1.

There are several other teams with odds attached to them, they i9nclodue the likes of Monaco at 10/1, Lyon at 11/1, AC Milan at 12/1, Roma and Napoli at 14/1 and finally Newcastle who do to be honest seem an unlikely new home for him but their odds are 22/1 if you think they will be.

Declan Rice Transfer Betting

I am not that certain that Declan Rice will be moving teams any time soon, however if you think that he will be and think he will be playing for a new team having been signed up before the 1st of February 2019 then yet again you will find a transfer betting market with his name on it at Paddy Power.

As for the teams that you will find odds attached to regarding his chances of being transferred, Man Utd are listed as his potential new home at odds of 10/1, Man City are 16/1 and both Everton and Tottenham are chalked up at odds of 25/1.

Teams that may or may not be interested in him are numerous of course, however Arsenal and Liverpool have odds of 33/1 on each of them and you can also back Chelsea at odds of 50/1 if you so desire.

Harry Maguire Transfer News

It does look possible that Harry Maguire is going to be signing for Manchester United before the 1st of February 2019, and that is of course something that the odds compilers at Paddy Power are fully aware of and as such they are not taking any chances and have him on offer at odds of 9/4.

They are also however offering some much higher odds on Tottenham and those odds are 10/1, and the rumour mill does seem to suggest that Chelsea are also interested in signing him up, and the odds you can secure on them doing so are decent at the minute being 13/1!

Arsenal, Liverpool and Wolves are 22/1 shots, and Paddy Power are also going 25/1 on Manchester City being his new home and 50/1 on Barcelona or Real Madrid having success in signing him up!

Ruben Neves Transfer Betting

The final player who does look likely to be making a move before February 2019 is Ruben Neves, and it would appear that the team most fans of the sport are convinced that he is going to be moving to is Man City for they are the current favourites to sign him up at odds of 3/1.

Man Utd may fancy their chances of bagging him too, and if you think they will offer big money to get him on their books then you can back them right now over at the Paddy Power site at odds of 9/1.

There is always the very real chance a team located overseas will fancy their chances of transferring him, and with Barcelona on offer at 12/1 that does look fair bet, but as for his chances of moving to Juventus, well there are some much higher odds of 17/1 being offered on that team being his new one!

Arsenal may make an offer for him too and with Paddy Power going 22/1 on them doing so that is another potential transfer opportunity to consider, in fact they also have Chelsea listed at 22/1 too as his new team.

You can also back Valencia too, however they are a team that are unlikely to get him, but if you think they will then how can you resist the current odds of 33/1?