Current State of the EPL

Current State of the EPL

Whether or not you agree with the decision to form the English Premier League back in 1992 or not, it has certainly proven to be a real money-spinner for all teams in that league. 

The money they earn from television rights and sponsorship alone dwarfs the amount of cash they take in at the turnstiles and from season ticket sales. However, it is always open to debate whether the EPL has lost its way or is much more than simple a money-making machine!

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Currently there are 20 teams that make up the EPL, consisting of 19 that are in England and one in Wales, and they are under the control of the UEFA Confederation, and the league has been designed in the usual pyramid structure.

This year has of course seen Manchester City being crowned the champions, even before the last games have been played. In fact, I do know of one UK bookmaker that paid out all winning punters who backed Manchester City when it was a forgone conclusion they were going to win the title!

Over the last few years, the top four clubs known as the dominant four, those being the four teams that always seemed to head the league in the decade known as the 00’s, have seen various runs of luck and form.

This year sees them also getting placed high up on the league table, but they are nowhere as dominate as they once were, those four teams for reference were, and still are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.

Gone too have the leading players in that league, for you must look back to the likes of Alan Shearer to find a player that was the top goal scorer, and he has of course been out of the game for many years now, as a player anyway!

If there is one thing that does annoy the hell out of fans of the sport it is being forced to pay or sign up to subscription services to be able to watch the games that make up the EPL, and with the likes of Sky Sports and BT Sports holding the rights to the live matches, pay is something that fans of the sports will always have to do!

However, both Sky Sports and the BBC do show recorded highlights of all major matches on their free to air shows, so all is not lost if you don’t want to have to fork out to get your English Premier League fix!

Early Betting on the 2018/2019 EPL Season

You must hand it to the betting companies, they never want to miss out when it comes to offering odds to their customers, much more so when it comes to them betting on the English Premier League.

As such I have scouted around to find if any betting sites are currently offering a betting market on next season, and I wasn’t too surprised to discover a handful that are offering a partial betting market.

It wasn’t that long ago that Leicester City become title holders of the EPL, and that was some result, for on the early betting markets right at the start of the season many bookmakers were going 5000/1 that they would win the title. 

Obviously as the season progressed their odds dropped, but there were many fans who did secure those massive odds and won a fortune.

Therefore, if you do fancy placing what will admittedly be some speculative and long-term bets on next seasons EPL, then allow me to rattle through the teams that currently do have odds attached to them.

One bet that offers no value what so ever and one I would advise you not to place this early is on Man City winning the title next season, for the best odds I have so far come cross are a paltry 8/13!

Liverpool look a slightly better proposition at 5/1 as do Man Utd at 6/1, however you are bound to find some bookies offering better odds than that as next season gets closer!

Chelsea look a stonking bet at 12/1 to win the EPL title next year so that may be a value bet to snap up and grab with both hands, and the other teams that do have odds available current include Tottenham at 14/1 and Arsenal and with the recent changes at that team do look a risky proposition even at their current odds of 25/1!

The only other team that I have seen early odds being offered on them are Wolves, however I do think it is cheeky for the betting site I will not name, offering odds of them of winning the EPL title next season of just 250/1! For their true odds of doing so much be a few multiples of those odds at the very least, but it’s your decision to make on whether to bet on them or not of course!