Early Betting on the World Open Singles Bowls Tournament 2020

Next year’s World Open Singles Bowls Championship is of course nearly a year away, and you may thinks that its way too early to even consider placing a bet on that event, but there are certainly plenty of betting sites that have a futures betting market open and available.

One of those betting sites and one of our top rated ones too is William Hill, and you can take advantage of their sign up bonus as well as betting on that tournament, if you haven’t yet become one of their customers, and to do so just give one of our links to their website a click.

As for just what odds are going to be on offer to you right now, well the current favourite to win is the highly talented Nick Brett, and if he continues to play the way he is playing then there is a good chance his current 6/1 odds to win that tournament will drop as the starting time gets sooner.

Therefore if you think he will win it now is the best time to get the highest possible odds. You can also back any bowler each-way if you prefer and the terms available to each-way bettors at William Hill are one half the win odds and they are paying out to two places in that major bowls tournament too.

Who to Back Each-Way

You can of course back any of the bowlers taking part in this event if you think they are going to win or finish in one of the top two spots, and as far as just which ones are much more likely to do so well there are a few of them in with a good chance of getting placed if not winning.

Both Paul Foster and Stewart Anderson do look solid bets right now at their odds of 8/1 and I would never underestimate the chances of Greg Harlow and Alex Marshall who are both at 9/1 either.

Double Digit Odds

All of the other bowlers that are taking part in this tournament all being well are currently on offer at double digit odds and as such allow me now to give you some ideas of just how high those double digit odds are.

Mark Dawes and Robert Paxton are fairly easy to back at odds of 12/1 and then both David Gourlay and Jamie Chestney are next in the betting at odds of 14/1, you can take 16/1 on Darren Burnett, Mervyn King and Michael Stepney

Or you may be tempted by any of the 20/1 shots who are Simon Skelton, Les Gillett, Scott Edwards and also Wayne Willgress, the final few bowlers have to be honest only a tiny chance of success in this tournament.

But I will leave it up to you to decide whether the 25/1 odds on offer on Jason Greenslade and Mark Royal are worth taking, and also whether there is any point in backing Andy Thomson who is the rank outsider to win at odds of 33/1!