Early Betting on Upcoming Italian Serie A Matches

You have plenty of betting sites to pick and choose from when it comes to betting on football matches that are being played as part of the Italian Serie A.

However, Quinnbet have always been a betting site famed for offering some of the best odds on such matches, and always tend to have their betting markets live long before most other betting sites on all upcoming football matches too.

Therefore, if you are currently sat there right now trying to make sense of this coming weekends Italian Serie A matches, and want some idea as to just what odds are going to be on offer to you on each of those matches, help is at hand.

Below I have listed each of the matches that are being played on Saturday, Sunday and next Monday too, and will be enlightening you on just what odds the Quinnbet betting site is offering on a home team win, the draw and also the away team’s odds too.

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Udinese v Roma

It shouldn’t be too hard of a task for the away team to win in this Saturdays Udinese v Roma, in fact the odds on the Quinnbet betting platform does give you that impression too, for the home teams odds are 7/2, the draw is 11/4 and Quinnbet feel that Roma are the most likely winner of that match and have them chalked up accordingly at win odds of 4/5

Juventus v Spal

The Juventus v Spal match is one that you will probably not fancy betting on, unless you fancy the draw or the away team to be the outcome of that match.

I say that with a great deal of confidence for whilst you can back the draw at odds of 7/1 and also back Spal to win that match at huge odds of 20/1, you are going to have to place a fairly hefty bet if you want to get a decent sized winning payout when backing Juventus to win that match at their current win odds of 1/7!

Inter Milan v Frosinone

The same could also be said for the Inter Milan v Frosinone match, for the home team should win that match with relative ease at odds of 1/4, whilst it is hard to see the draw being the outcome even at odds of 5/1 and there can be no chance unless some sort of miracle happens in the match that Frosinone could win at their current odds of 11/1!

Napoli v Chievo

I have been somewhat put off betting on the Napoli v Chievo match, for whilst there is plenty of value on the draw being the outcome of that match at 9/1, and you cannot miss the huge odds of 25/1 that you can bag on Chievo right now, there is only going to be one outcome in that match.

That is of course a very decisive win for the home team, that team being Napoli, however who in their right mind is going to want to back them at win odds of 1/10? But if you do want to do so then head over to Quinnbet as that is where those odds are currently available!

Bologna v Fiorentina

It may pay dividends for you to concentrate your betting efforts on this Saturdays Bologna v Fiorentina match on the away team, for Fiorentina are listed at odds of 11/10 and are the favourites to come out on top in that match.

You can however it you are of the mind that the home team are going to win that match, back Bologna at some hefty odds of 11/4 right now, and as for the draw, well that is easy to back and is on offer at very reasonable odds right now of 23/10.

Lazio v Milan

The odds on any upcoming Italian Serie A football match are always going to give you an idea as to which way the odds compilers at any bookies betting site think the match will end, and there may be some value betting on the Lazio v Milan match.

Lazio and on offer at odds of 5/6, and as such bookies across the globe must think they have a very good chance of winning hat match,  but for the draw odds and the away teams odds they are 11/4 and 16/5 respectively.

Genoa v Sampdoria

There is a late kick off planned for the Genoa v Sampdoria match that is being played this coming Sunday, and this is actually a match that is very well balanced and as such either team does have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning.

The odds do reflect that fact and Genoa are very easy to back right now at win odds of 6/4, the draw is a possibility at odds of 12/5, an Sampdoria are up for grabs at odds of 15/8, so you are faced with having to decide which team, on balance is likely to win that match, but I think it could end in a low scoring draw!

Cagliari v Torino

It will be on Monday the 26th of November that you are going to be able to watch the Cagliari v Torino match, but you can of course place a bet on it right now if you so desire, and as for where the value lays in that match, well it is Torino that are the current favourite to win and they are trading at odds of 8/5 currently.

However, if you are more of the mind that it will be Cagliari that will win that match then do not hang around and make use of and secure the 15/8 odds that Quinnbet have them chalked up at right now, and as for the draw, well you are going to be able to back that outcome at odds of 11/5.