Early Prices on the Rugby Union World Cup 2019

The Rugby Union World Cup is next taking place in 2019, however you can place your bets nice and early on that tournament if you fancy bagging some better odds on the team or teams you think have the very best chances of winning.

One of our recently approved betting sites is BetHard, and with that in mind today I have been taking a look over their early prices betting market on the Rugby Union World Cup, and have found some excellent value on several teams waiting to be mopped up!

However, if you are a fan of the sport then you will know it is New Zealand who is already the most likely winner of that tournament, and if you do fancy their chances and want to bag their current odds of 11/10, then BetHard is where you need to be placing your bets at.

As to the team that is currently the second favourite to win, even at this very early stage, that team is Ireland and there is plenty of value to be had by backing them right now as their odds are 4/1, and you will have a fair chance of success with such a bet!

England are of course in with a chance of winning the Rugby Union World up in 2019, and as far as their odds of doing so are at BetHard, if you are quick you can secure odds of 13/2, but keep in mind as this market is now live, any large volumes of cash for England or any other team will have a negative effect on their odds!

Teams worth Keeping an Eye On

There are of course always a few surprise results in the Rugby Union World Cup, and I am expecting that to be the case in 2019 too, and as such there are plenty of teams that you should be keeping an eye on, for any of the slightly lesser fancied teams could go on to win.

I would not put you off backing Australia, in fact by doing so right now you can get odds of 8/1 on them winning, but those odds are sure to drop if they do start to win their first few matches, which is something that they may just do.

You could fancy the chances of South Africa to win, and whilst not currently one of the favourites to do so, with an upturn in their form there is always a chance they could do well in this tournament, and as far as their current odds go they are 11/1.

There will be plenty of fans of the Wales team that are going to be backing that team to win, no matter how high or low their odds are, and with Wales being on offer right now over at BetHard at win odds of 18/1 there is sure to be a fair amount of cash being placed on them to win.

It may surprise you to learn that France are on offer at some very high odds of 20/1, and that does look like the value bet on the early betting market, and with some luck in playing France are likely to make it through to the latter stages of the Rugby Union World Cup next year.

Consider a Few Each-Way Bets

With BetHard giving their each-way bettors one third of the win odds on any team finishing in first or second place, then I am more than confident there will be many of you out there prepared to look at some of the bugger priced teams to win or get placed.

With that in mind let me now run through the odds attached to each of the remaining teams that are going to be taking part in this major Rugby Union tournament next year.

Scotland can play a first class game of rugby but whether they do have what it takes to win or even get placed in second place in this tournament does of course remain to be seen, but if you are prepared to give them a chance of doing so and want to place a bet on the their odds of winning are 28/1.

Argentina will need to up their game if they are going to do well in the Rugby Union World Cup in 2019, but there is of course always the chance they may just do, and if you are a fan of that national team then now would be a very good time to take advantage of their 30/1 odds!

Now the remaining teams taking part in this tournament are on offer as some huge odds, so just keep in mind that no matter how appealing those odds appear, they do accurately reflect the chances of each team winning or even getting placed second!

One team that is quite friendless in the early betting market is Japan but there will be a few loyal fans of that team out there who will not be able to resist taking the current 125/1 odds that BetHard are offering on them winning.

Let’s be perfectly honest, the chances of Samoa of winning or coming second are tiny, but that does mean that BetHard are prepared to offer some huge odds on them winning and those odds for reference right now are appealing at 300/1!

Another team available at odds of 300/1 is Fiji, I cannot remember any team that did go on to win the Rugby Union World Cup that started out with odds as high as that, so you will be taking some chances if you do decide to bet on them.

As for the last few teams taking part in this tournament and their respective odds, they are Italy at 500/1, Tonga, Georgia and the USA7 are on offer at odds of 750/1 and you an back Canada, Uruguay and Russia at some massive odds of 1000/1, and the total outsider to win is Namibia and their win odds are massive as 4000/1, but their chances of winning are negligible!