English Championship Outright Betting

I have had my eye on a few football related betting markets recently, and one that you may be interested in making use of is the outright winner of the English Champions market that is now live and in-play at Paddy Power.

They are offering some to the highest odds available and there are of course plenty of teams that could be crowned the champion of that league this season, and those higher than average odds really are there for the taking too.

As the season and league table is what it is right now, there is also plenty of value waiting to be mopped up if you place an each-way bet at Paddy Power, for when placing such a bet you place two bets of equal stakes on one single bet, and will be paid out at the full win odds on the team you select if they are they do win the Champions League.

However, on the other half of that bet you get one quarter of the win odds paid out to you if you team finishes in any of the top three positions of the league as well, and with the odds being so high on several of the teams in that league you could place a few each-way bets and still be in the money!

Leeds Heading the Betting Market

Looking at the form of Leeds this season it is easy to see why Paddy Power are not taking too many chances with the odds they are offering on them being the champions of that league this season, however those odds being 7/2 are certainly attractive.

It does look likely that both West Brom and Norwich are going to have a good season come what may and they are both available to back right now at 9/2 and I certainly wouldn’t put you off backing either of them at those odds.

When it comes to any of the other teams, you may be best advised to place an each-way bet as mentioned up above, and one team that does look at standout each-way bet right now thanks to their 11/2 odds is Sheff Utd, who I wouldn’t discount of winning the league this season.

Middlesbrough are the only other team along with those teams mentioned up above that is attracting any significant support currently, and  if you do fancy their chances then make sure you act fast to secure the 13/2 odds that Paddy Power are quite generously offering on them right now!

The Rest of the Betting Market

The savviest of punters are going to be selecting one of the teams listed up above as the most likely winner of the league this season, however there is of course nothing what so ever stopping you from picking out and betting on any of the other teams if you so desire and fancy the chances of.

With that in mind one fairly decent bet much more so when you back them each way is Derby for their odds are reasonable to say the least right now and Paddy Power are happy to give you odds of 12/1, but those odds could change if Derby do start to win match after match of course!

Aston Villa fans will probably fancy the chances of their team winning the title and if that is a team you do support them why not place a few bob on them winning the title and secure their current odds of 14/1? As for the chances of Notts Forest, they are on offer at odds of around the 20/1 mark so supporters of that team will probably have a little bet on them too.

You will also find Stoke on offer with some double digit odds attached to them, and those odds if you are an avid fan of that team are certainly attractive being as they are 40/1 right now.

As for the rest of the teams that you will find listed below I think you are going to have to be a very loyal fan of any of them to actually place a bet on them either to win or get placed in the top there positions of this league via an each-way bet, but teams such as Brentford, Swansea and QPR may be worth backing at odds of around the 80/1 mark.

What do you think of the chances of Birmingham having a massive change of form for the remainder of the season? Well, the odds compilers over at the Paddy Power betting site think that there is very little chance of them doing just that, and are going 100/1 on them winning the title this year.

Blackburn, Bristol City, Wigan Athletic and Preston can all be backed at 150/1 and if you are feeling brave and want to take some risks then consider backing the likes of either Sheff Wed or Millwall at 500/1!

Reading and Hull are the last two teams that have three figure odds associated with them and those odds are for reference 750/1 over at the Paddy Power betting site!

There can be no possible  way in the world that Rotherham are going to find their very best form and win the title this year, but where there is a will there is a way and you can back them with great ease right now at odds of 1500/1!

As for the chances of Bolton winning this league, well not many people are of the mind that they will of course but their 2500/1 outright winner odds are there for the taking for you brave if not foolhardy punters out there!

Whilst it is still possible that Ipswich could win the Champions League, it would be a miracle if they did, however miracles have happened before and as such if you do fancy the chances of the rank outsider to come out on top and play in an amazing way for the rest of the season then you can back them at mind blowing odds right now of 3000/1!