English Championship Teams to Include in Your Acca Bets This Weekend!

You may fancy placing an Acca bet this weekend on any number of football teams, and I would certainly consider placing a few English Premiership teams in your multiple bets this weekend, as there are some teams that should in their respective matches and win them quite easily too.

However, having said that the only way you are going to get some hefty sized winning payouts if each of your chosen teams do win their respective matches is by placing Acca bets at betting sites that are famed for their high odds, and that is why I will be quoting the current odds below that are currently on offer and available from Bruce Betting.

Take for example the odds they are offering on the home team to win in the Leeds v Brentford match, Leeds are a great team to include in your Acca bets this coming weekend and their win odds are 13/10, I seriously doubt the match will end in a draw or a win for Brentford and the odds on it doing so over at the Bruce Betting site are 5/2 and 2/1 respectively.

Another match that I do think is going to end in a very decisive home team win is the Birmingham v Rotherham match, and the odds that you can secure on them winning are 4/6, but the draw odds and away team win odds are fairly decent being as they are 14/5 and 9/2 respectively.

Middlesbrough worth Including in an Acca Bet

One team that should have an easy game this weekend, well I think they will is Middlesbrough  and they are going to be taking on Nottingham Forest at home this coming Saturday and as far as the odds you can secure right now on a Middleborough win they are 3/4.

If you are more of the mind that this match will end in a draw then the odds available to you right now are 5/2 and for all your loyal Nottingham Forest fans out there you can secure odds on them winning that match of 17/4, whether they are going to win though remains to be seen but we will soon find out.

Other Teams to Include in Your Acca Bets

If you are planning on naming quite a number of teams to win their respective matches on your next Acca bet then do consider backing Aston Villa to win for they are playing away at Millwall this coming Saturday and they are available at some high odds too.

As for the three possible outcomes on that math the odds available at the Bruce Betting site are 15/8 on a home win, the draw odds are 23/10 and you can also back the away team result at odds of 6/4 too.

One other match that does look a tricky one to call the result of, but by picking the winning outcome could see your Acca bet winning payouts being boosted quite significantly is the Norwich v Stoke match, the odds on the home team winning that match are 7/5 the draw odds are 23/10 however the smart money is currently putting in on Stoke too win that match at odds of 2/1!