European Darts Trophy 2018

The final PDC European tour leg will be taking place from the 12th to the 14th of October, and that leg is of course the one in which the European Darts Trophy will be awarded, and it does of course go without saying that every player taking part in it will be eager to be the one that takes that trophy home.

It is in Lokhalle, Göttingen which is in Germany that the European Dart Trophy 2018 tournament will be taking place, and with 48 players taking their chances in it, and with the winner also bagging a cool £25,000 in prize money it should certainly be a tournament worth watching too.

As for the betting opportunities available, well you can of course choose to bet on each individual match, or you can bet on which player you think will win the European Darts Trophy, and some betting sites such as Betfred will also let you bet each way on that tournament too.

Their each-way terms are such that you will get a third of the win odds if your chosen player makes it to the final game and is placed first or second in tournament overall. You do of course also get full outright winner odds paid out to you on the win part of such a bet, if the player you back each-way goes on to win the tournament when betting each-way.

As that tournament in now just a few days away from starting, below I will be giving you an insight and overview of what players are the current favourites to win, and will also be looking at the odds associated with some of the outsiders to win that event too.

Favourites to Win the European Darts Trophy

With his current form being as it is, Michael van Gerwen probably has his eye on the trophy and the first place prize money too, and from a betting point of view it is very difficult to look past him when trying to decide which of the players are going to win this tournament.

Whilst most bookies have made him the very short odds-on favourite to win, Betfred are in fact offerings some very fair odds currently, if you are prepared to make use of their futures betting market and the odds they are offering are decent being as they are currently 4/6!

If you are looking for a player that does have the certainly required skills and abilities to beat Van Gerwen, then you should be looking at backing players such as Peter Wright, for he is currently the second favourite and with a tad of luck in playing he could just win this tournament.

If you think he is worth backing then the odds that you can bag on him right now are certainly appealing, and those odds for reference are 7/1, and I cannot see them shortening before the tournament actually begins, but as always the earlier you do place your bets the better, so do keep that in mind!

There are of course plenty of other players you would choose to back and also keep in mind that as their odds, as you will find out below are much higher, that is when it may be beneficial to start backing them each-way!

Best Players to Back Each-Way

If you fancy taking advantage of those very generous each-way terms then  allow me to give you a  few ideas of just which additional players whilst needing some luck in playing would come out on top and possibly get placed or if everything does go their way could actually win the European Darts Trophy.

One player that does have it in him to win a dart tournament of this nature is Rob Cross, if he can keep a cool head and does play up to his very best form then he is certainly worth checking out on the betting markets, and so far the very best odds I have found on offer on him are once again over at Betfred and those win odds are 9/1.

The odds on each of the other darts players to begin to jump upwards quite noticeably in value, and as such just keep in mind their respective high odds do give you a very clear indication as to their chances of winning and even getting placed in this dart tournament.

However, having said that I certainly wouldn’t put you off betting on players such as Mensur Suljovic for he is a player who does know how to play the perfect round of darts and that may just be something he manages to achieve in this tournament, and his odds are decent for sure currently being as they are 14/1.

There is one other darts players I do think could just scrape into one of the top two positions this year, and that player is Michael Smith. You will of course though be taking chances when backing him, however your faith in him will be rewarded with some huge odds and those odds are 25/1!

Outsiders with Little Chance of Winning

It is only going to be avid fans and followers of any of the other darts players taking part in this tournament that are going to be backing those other players, for it is going to be something of a miracle if any of them listed below do mange to win the trophy this year.

However, Adrian Lewis and Daryl Gurney do of course both have a fair number of supporters and they will sure to be mopping up the odds of 33/1 both of them have attached to them currently, and also the same could be said for players such as Joe Cullen, Jeffrey de Zwaan and James Wade who are all chalked up on the Betfred futures betting market at odds of 40/1

As for any other players that will attract some support, well they include the likes of both Dave Chisnall and Ian White both of whom are easy to back right now at odds of 50/1!