Final Few Boxing Bouts in November 2018

You are going to be blessed with a total of seven major boxing bouts that you can not only watch but also bet on in the last few days of November, and with that in mind allow me to enlighten you on when each of those boxing bouts will be taking place.

I have included in today’s news story the current set of BetFred odds available on each boxer to win their respective bouts and I have also given you an overview of the draw odds too. So when betting with BetFred you do have three possible standard betting opportunities on each of the following matches, and plenty of individual bout betting opportunities will also be available to you too!

On the 24th of November 2018 there are four bouts taking place, the first of which is the Alexander Ustinov v Michael Hunter bout, now Ustinov is not expected to win and that is obviously reflected in his win odds which are 9/2, I very much doubt that match is going to end in a draw at 20/1 and it is of course Hunter that should win and his odds are 1/6.

The Denis Lebedev v Mike Wilson bout is one that probably won’t last very long if I’m honest as Lebedev is going to win of that I am certain, and the team at BetFred think he is going to win too as they are going 1/25 on him doing so! The draw odds are 22/1 and if you think Wilson could win, which I seriously doubt the 11/1 odds on him winning may just tempt you to place a bet on him!

A slightly better balanced boxing match on the 24th of this month is the Frank Buglioni v Fanlong Meng fight and it is Buglioni that is the current favourite at odds of 4/9, the draw is chalked up at odds of 18/1 and BetFred are going 9/5 on Meng winning.

The final boxing match on the 24th of this month is the Khalid Yafai v Israel Gonzalez bout, and whilst there is no value betting on the former boxer as his odds are 1/33 those odds do obviously suggest he will win that match very easily, the draw is available at BetFred at 22/1 and it’s any price about Gonzalez, however they are offering 12/1 on him winning which he cannot possibly do!

Two Boxing Bouts on the 25th of November 2018

I do get the feeling that you are not going to be faced with too hard a task trying to pick out just which of the two boxers in the two bouts that are taking place on the 25th of November are going to win, as the favourites to do so are on offer at such tiny odds you will soon discover who should in each of those two bouts!

Take for example the Sergey Kuzmin v Laron Mitchell match, it would be a major shock if the latter boxer did win that match and I say that with complete confidence as Kuzmin is on offer at odds of 1/22, the draw odds are 22/1 and that matter named boxer that being Mitchell is available at massive odds of 10/1.

The other bout does have some slightly better odds available, for the favourite to win that bout is Dmitry Bivol and his odds are 1/16, as for the likelihood of it ending in a draw the odds BetFred will give you on that rather unlikely of outcome are 22/1.

A for whether Jean Pascal has any chance what so ever of winning, well he does have a chance albeit it to be far now a good chance of winning, but if you are a fan of his and always do like to bet on him no matter what then you will surely be tempted to make use of the 17/2 that BetFred are offering on him winning!

30th of November 2018 Boxing Match

The final boxing bout that will be taking place in November is the one in which Jeff Horn will be taking on Anthony Mundine, as far as just where the supposed smart money is going on that match, it is very hard to see any other outcome other than a win for Horn which is available at odds of 1/5.

As for the draw odds when I doubt many of you will be backing that outcome no matter what odds you are offered however BetFred are going 18/1 on the draw and they think that Mundine is a solid 4/1 chance to win.

Due to the odds on each of the favourites to win their respective boxing matches are not that huge, as is always going to be the case, keep in mind that you do have plenty of other betting opportunities over at the BetFred betting site when betting on those or any other boxing matches.

You would for example try and predict in just which round the match will end or whether it will go to the final round, you can also try and predict the method of victory of each match and who will win that match too at BetFred.

The odds it does have to be said are going to be much higher in value when you do place one of those additional bets rather than simply backing the favourite to win, however also keep in mind that you are also going to be able to place an Acca bet on as many boxers to win their respective matches as you like, and that is one way to try for a much higher winning payout of course.

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