Follow the Smart Money on the World Cup Group Stage Matches

World Cup Group Stage Betting

They do say that if you follow where the smart money is going on any soccer matches, then you will experience plenty of winning outcomes, and can often spot a few bets and wagers you may not have considered placing.

Therefore, as the excitement really is building up to the Group Stages of the World Cup, I am going to be looking at which teams in their Group Stage matches are worrying the bookies, due to the very high volumes of wagers being placed on certain teams!

One thing you are going to find no matter where you choose to place a bet on the Russia vs Saudi Arabia match on the 14th of June 2018, is that the bookies know that Russia should win it and are only going 3/10 on them doing so. The draw odds are 7/2 and Saudi Arabia must be a mug bet at 11/1!

Uruguay Should Win Against Egypt

Betting sites across the world are hoping that Uruguay get stuffed by Egypt, for I do know lots of them have been taking some hefty bets on Uruguay to win, so much so the book on that match is Egypt 6/1 to win, the draw is 11/4 and Uruguay are now 8/15 to win.

The above match along with the following two are being played on June the 15th, and it is Morocco at 13/10 that the smart money is going on in their match against Iran who are 12/5 to win, the draw at 2/1 does offer a tad of value though.

I doubt the 5/6 odds that are currently on offer on Spain beating the 16/5 outsiders Portugal in their match on the 15th are going to be on offer for much longer, and the draw if that is something you think will be the outcome is on offer at 23/10.

France are Going to Stuff the Aussies!

When one team are in a different class to another you are going to find all betting sites, sportsbooks are bookies are going to give the favourites to win a match such short odds-on no one will want to place those bets.

That is what you will notice on the France vs Australia match, for France are going to win this match, there is no disputing that fact, and their odds are 1/6 to do so, but that does mean those mug punters of there who want to bet on the draw can do so at 5/1 or on Australia to win they will get odds of 18/1!

A similar set of circumstances to the above match also being played on the 16th of June is on place on the Argentina vs Iceland match, for Argentina should win that match so the bookies have their odds pinned down low at 3/10, the draw is 7/2 and Iceland who cannot possibly win this match can be had at odds of 10/1!

The Peru vs Denmark match is one that does have some value to it, for Peru are 11/4 the draw is on offer at 9/4 and the bookies make Denmark the eve money favourite to win that match.

One match that is also on the 16th of June which isn’t unfair regarding the odds on each possible outcome is the Croatia vs Nigeria match, Croatia should win at 4/5 but do not discount the draw at odds of 12/5 or even a Nigeria win at odds of 7/2!