Football Betting Strategies

Premier League Football Betting Strategy

When it comes to betting on football matches, such as those teams playing in the Premier League, you are always going to be best advised to research fully each team’s current form, and also be aware of some other facts and figures too, if you are to have a fair chance of winning.

All betting sites are going to be offering their own odds on the outcome of each Premier League match, and as such one way you can be assured of getting the best value and the highest amount of winnings paid out to you on any winning best is by ensuring the betting sites that you bet at are offering the best odds!

best betting odds for football and the EPL

The best Premier League betting strategy you can adopt is to place bets on home teams winning, as opposed to betting on away teams to win a match or even betting on the draw.

I say that since on average home teams in the Premier League win around 46.20% of their matches, whilst those matches that end up being a draw do so 27.50% of the time, and away teams only win over average around 26.30% of matches.

So, you are going to stand a much greater chance of winning when betting on a Premier League team to win at home that you would do betting on the draw or an away team win.

One way that you could bet on the home teams is by using a betting strategy that will see you slowly increasing your stakes on the next match a team plays if the team you bet on to win at home loses their previous match.

If you structure your betting strategy in such a way then it will only take one winning bet to return to you all your previous stakes and losses and will give you a small profit, and you should be able to afford to bet on a fair number of home matches without having to pay a small fortune if a series of them are losing ones.

However, there are plenty of different betting strategies that you could choose to adopt, so I would strongly suggest that you also checkout some other Premier League betting strategies as some of them may be more appealing than simply betting on the home team to win each time you place a bet!

What you should also be on the lookout for when you do place any type of football related bets, are betting sites that offer a range of different consolation money back bonuses to their customers.

Such sites will often give you the chance of winning your losing stakes back if something they have predicated happens in a football match does happen, and the bets you have placed is a losing one, as opposed to a winning one. 

Those cash back consolation bets can often see you getting your money back when otherwise you would have placed a losing bet, so they are worth hunting around for. In fact, many of our featured betting sites do offer such bonuses, so they should be the betting sites you consider placing all your football related bets and wagers at!EPL