Formula 1 Brazil GP Early Betting

Not long now until the Brazilian Grand Prix gets underway, which does of course mean that if you are thinking about placing any number of bets on that race, then you need to get a move on, for the best early odds are getting mopped up quickly!

It is at betting sites such as BetHard that I have found some of the highest odds available on each of the drivers, and as such in today’s best bets of the day guide I will be giving you an insight into what those odds are.

Keep in mind though that the Brazil Grand Prize betting markets can be quite volatile at the best of times so to ensure you do get access to the following odds, you need to act quickly. Plus, do also keep in mind that by visiting the BetHard website using our links to do so, you will qualify for their sign up welcome bonus offer.

The odds listed and that are presented to you below are available on the outright betting markets, which does of course mean the driver you decide to back must win the event, however BetHard and for that matter each of our other top rated betting sites will also offer you a range of additional betting markets and betting opportunities.

Many of which are going to allow you to place an each-way bet on one or more drivers, but when doing so keep your eyes peeled for the bookies that are offering the highest percentage of the win odds on each-way bets and those that are also paying out to the very highest number of places too.

Vettel and Himalton First and Second Favourites

As far as just which drivers are the favourites to win the 2018 Brazil Grand Prix, I doubt that you are going to be that surprised when I let you know which two drivers are right at the top of the betting markets and are currently being backed heavily.

It is of course the highly talented Sebastian Vettel that is attracting by far and away the most money on the early betting markets at betting sites such as BetHard which is reflected in the 33/20 odds that you can currently secure on him winning that race!

You are also not going to be too surprised to discover that the second favourite is of course Lewis Hamilton, and as far as just what odds you are going to be able to secure on him winning, well currently those odds are 19/10, but for how much longer nobody knows!

The Rest of the Brazil GP Field

It is going to be a major upset if one of the two above derivers do not win the Brazilian Grand Prix, however anything is of course possible, and with that in mind let me now move onto giving you an overview and an insight into the odds that you will find attached to each of the other drivers that are taking part in it.

I should point out that as most of the following drivers are not being backed with any degree of confidence, it will always be worth your time and effort comparing the odds on any of them that you do fancy backing at different betting sites, as the odds may be better at some of our other approved bookmakers and sportsbooks!

There are two drivers that are joint second favourites at win odds of 23/4 and they are Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas, but as whether either of them is good enough to win will of course remain to be seen, but at those odds I certainly wouldn’t put you off backing either driver!

Max Verstappen is up for grabs at fairly high odds to be honest of 27/4, however there is also the chance that if everything does fall into place drivers such as Daniel Ricciardo could win, and the odds compilers at BetHard have decided his realistic chances of winning this race this year are 12/1, and as such those are the odds you can secure at that betting site.

Rank Outsiders at Huge Odds at BetHard!

You will probably be throwing your money away if you decide to back any of the other drivers that are going to be lining up and taking their chances on the Brazil Grand Prix, however you are of course free to bet on exactly who you like.

As such and with some massive odds to showcase to you, allow me to now move onto give you some idea as to just who the total and rank outsiders are, the first are a couple of 500/1 shots who include Carlos Sainz and Nico Hulkenberg500/1

Next in the betting are Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez and as for just what odds you are going to be able to get on either of them right now they are huge at 950/1, but those odds are now as huge as the ones you will find on offer on another rank and complete outsider that being Esteban Ocon who is extremely easy to back right now at odds of a whopping 1000/1!

If you are interested in backing the likes of Kevin Magnusson, Pierre Gasly or Romain Grosjean then make sure the value of your wager doesn’t put you over the payout limit of the bookies you place your bets at, for due to his win odds being 1500/1 there is a chance you could win big, in fact very big if he manages to put this race out of the bag!

The likes of Brendon Hartley, Stoffel Vandoorne and Marcus Ericsson can all be backed at odds of 2000/1 and the odds on the final three drivers are going to get even larger than those odds, as you are about to discover.

It is Fernando Alonso who is one of the least fancied drivers to win for his odds are 2500/1 the next driver in the betting is Lance Strol at 3500/1 and Sergey Sirotkin cannot possibly win unless there is a complete miracle for his odds of doing so are massive at 4000/1!