Fury v Seferi Betting

Saturday June the 9th 2018 is when you need to book a date in your diary if you are a fan of boxing, for that is the day when the Fury v Seferi boxing match is scheduled to take place, and boy is that going to be one match you will not want to miss!

It has been a much-hyped match and as such as you would expect all leading bookmakers and sportsbooks are very eager to get you to place a bet with them on that match, and today I will be letting you know what odds are available, and just which betting opportunities are on offer to you too!

Outright Win Market and Method of Victory

I doubt any sane punter, unless he or she has more money than sense is going to want to place a bet on Tyson Fury to win the match outright, for whilst that bet will probably more than likely be a winning one, the very best odds that I have so far come across are 1/100!

In fact, due to those odds the draw is available at odds of 33/1 but if you do want to throw your money away and bet on the underdog then you should be mopping up the odds that can be had on Sefer Seferi winning which are 20/1.

A much better valued bet is of course the method of victory bet, for as there are a few different ways that this boxing match could end, you will get some much more realistic odds, much more so if you want to bet on Tyson Fury to win of course

You can bet on Tyson Fury winning by a Ko, Tko or Disqualification, and the odds on any of those outcomes being the one that does occur are available at odds of 1/10, one bet that may just tempt you if Seferi does make the distance is the Tyson Fury to win on Points as that bet is 5/1.

If you think for whatever reason that Sefer Seferi will win via a Ko, Tko or Disqualification, the best odds I have so far come across on that outcome are 25/1 and for Sefer Seferi to win this bout on Points you should have no difficulties securing odds of around 50/1, and you can also bet on the Draw if you so desire at odds of 33/1!

Fury to Win – Round Betting Odds

Let me now look at the best type of bet you can place on this match, and that is for Tyson Fury to win in one of two rounds.

If you think that match isn’t going to last very long at all then bet on Fury winning in rounds 1-2 as the odds that are on offer on that are 7/2, for him to win in rounds 3-4 you can easily secure odds of 3/1, for him to win in rounds 5-6 the odds are also 7/2, the rounds 7-8 betting odds are 9/2 and for Tyson Fury to leave it to rounds 9-10 to beat Seferi the odds are 7/1!