Futures Betting on the World Cup of Darts

With so many nations that are going to be competing in this year’s World Cup of Darts tournament, you may be looking for a few tips as to just which ones could win it, and if so then read on for I will be giving you an insight into just which nations are attracting the most early support from punters.

Many punters will be backing the early favourite to win this tournament, for with one of the top players in the world in the Netherlands team, you can easily see why they are the number one choice for punters betting on the early betting markets and the Netherlands are 11/4 to win it currently.

England and Scotland are currently both trading at the 3/1 mark, which means both of those two teams have the current honour of being the second joint favourites, and all things considered either of them have a very good chance of winning this tournament this year.

One of the three teams named up above may go on to win this tournament, however the other nations are not going to go down without a fight, and for those of you that think Wales could win they are a fair bet all things taken into account at their current high odds of 13/2.

Each-Way Betting Terms

There can be and often is a lot of difference regarding the each-way betting terms that different bookies are going to be offering their customers on events such as this one, and as such you need to find a bookie with the most generous odds if you want to place an each-way bet on any nation.

Therefore, I would encourage you to head on over to the Coral betting site for they are paying out to two places as per their each-way betting terms on this event and are paying out at one half the win odds on those two places too.

Teams Worth a Punt Each-Way

You may have your own ideas as to the teams that you think are going to win the World Cup of Darts this year, and you may fancy any of the underdogs, and if so you are certainly going to be rewarded with some much better and higher odds on the lesser fancied nations for sure.

Take for example Northern Ireland they could spring a surprise this year and their odds are worth taking I you think that they are going to do just that, as their outright win odds are high at 12/1, and the same can also be said for Austria who at 20/1 are sure to attract a fair few each-way punters.

The next few teams in the betting include Australia and Belgium and their odds are both 25/1, then you have Germany who do appear to be up against it this year being as their odds are 33/1, and then you have nations such as the Republic of Ireland at 50/1 and Poland are on offer at the odds of 66/1.