Gennady Golovkin v Saul Alvarez Best Betting Opportunities

It is a bout that has been long awaited, and it won’t be long now until you will discover who is going to come out on top of the Gennady Golovkin v Saul Alvarez boxing match.

Many of you out there will be ever eager to place a range of different bets on that match, and if you are then today’s best bets of the day guide is going to be looking at just what is available on the many different betting markets most of our featured sportsbooks are offering on that match.

To keep things simple, and as Betfred tend to offer the most varied and most diverse betting markets on all upcoming boxing matches, below you will find listed each of their respective betting opportunities and the odds currently available on all possible outcomes too.

As for the outright winner betting market, which is as good a place to start, well the odds on a draw for reference are 20/1, however it is Gennady Golovkin who is the favourite to win this bout and his odds of doing so are 8/13, whilst the win odds on Saul Alvarez are 11/8.

Betfred will of course allow you to bet without the draw on one of their outright betting markets, and if that is something you are looking to do Betfred will offer you win odds of 4/7 on Gennady Golovkin and offer you win odds without the draw on Saul Alvarez of 5/4.

Betfred Unique Pick Your Punts Betting Opportunities

If you are a user of Twitter then you are always going to be in a position to ask Betfred to offer you odds on any unique bets you are prepared to put together, by contacting them on that social media platform, and the in-house odds compilers will then work out the odds rapidly on just what it is you fancy placing a bet or a range of bets on!

Betfred do currently have all manner of weird and wonderful unique betting opportunities available on this match, and as such I will now take a look at just what you can bet on, if you fancy placing something of a one off and unique bet on this major professional boxing match!

You can place a bet on either fighter to be knocked down with the odds of 10/11 available on that betting opportunity, but if you are of the mind that neither fighter to be knocked down BetFred will allow you to place such a bet and they will give you odds of 10/11 on it.

You can also take odds of 6/4 that Alvarez is going to be knocked down ns they will also offer you 2/1 that Alvarez will land 16 or more punches in round one!

Some much higher paying betting opportunities include a bet on either fighter to win in an even numbered minute and the odds on that are 11/4, and you are also going to be able to bet that Golovkin will land 20 or more punches in round one and will be offered 3/1 on that betting opportunity at Betfred to!

Fight Distance Betting and Method of Victory

You are of course going to be faced with just two possible outcomes when you want to bet on the will the fight go the distance betting markets and that is yes it will or no it won’t.

Betfred do of course offer just such a betting market and if you think that this match is going to go the distance then you can secure odds right now of 4/9. However, you may also be of the mind that it will not go the entire distance and if that is what you are convinced of then you can get odds on that outcome of 13/8.

Another type of bet that you can place when betting with Betfred is the method of victory bet, and you will obviously be aware that there are many different ways that a boxing bout could end in, but each of them will be listed on this particular betting market with their own set of odds on offer too.

So for example if you think that this major boxing match is going to end in a draw you can get odds of 20/1 but if you think that Gennady Golovkin is going to win on Points you can get odds of 9/5, however if you thing that Gennady Golovkin to win by either KO/TKO/DQ/Technical Decision then you can secure odds of 5/2.

Conversely you my think that it will be Saul Alvarez that is going to win on Points and the odds on that outcome are 15/8, for Saul Alvarez to win by either a KO/TKO/DQ/Technical Decision there are some much higher odds of 8/ on offer at Betfred which I’m sure will tempt a few punters to place that particular bet with them!

Individual Round Betting

The match could end in a draw of course and as you have already found out up above, the odds on that outcome are 20/1. However, the odds are that high as that is unlikely to be the outcome of this match.

You may however fancy placing a bet on any of the individual rounds that the match could end in and at Betfred you can name the boxer that will win the match and in which round he wins it too.

As for the odds on offer, allow me to name a few and on each boxer to win in those rounds to give you an insight into the odds that will be on offer to you if you make use of this betting markets.

For Gennady Golovkin in Round 1 the odds are 50/1 for him to win in Round 8 you can currently secure odds of 22/1 but for him to win on points the odds are 9/5.

The odds on Saul Alvarez to win in Round 2 are 80/1 but if you think it will be in Round 11 that he will win the odds are 50/1and for Saul Alvarez to win on Points those odds are 15/8.