Gennady Golovkin v Saul Alvarez Betting

I am sure plenty of punters out there will be taking a long term interest in the upcoming bout between Gennady Golovkin v Saul Alvarez which if you didn’t know is scheduled for 5:00 AM on the 16th of September 2018.

The one thing all sports bettors and boxing fans wishing to bet on that boxing bout will want to secure are some to the very highest odds possible, and with that in mind it will certainly pay dividends for you to place your bets and wagers at Coral, for they are offering odds on Gennady Golovkin of 8/15 the draw odds are 20/1 and Saul Alvarez is chalked up at odds of 6/4.

Due to the Emmanuel Rodriguez v Jason Moloney bout being one in which the favourite is available at very short odds on, then you should consider placing a double bet on the favourite of this match and the one you fancy betting on in the above match to secure some much higher potential pay-outs.

The odds available at Coral on all three possible outcomes are Emmanuel Rodriguez at 1/1, the draw odds are 33/1 and you will find you can back Jason Moloney quite easily at 7/1.

Tyson Fury v Francesco Pianeta

Whilst there is no doubt in y mind there will be plenty of people planning to watch the Tyson Fury v Francesco Pianeta bout, I cannot see many punters watching to back the favourite in that match as there is now value what so ever in the current set of odds!

You are going to have to place some very high valued best to get any decent pay-outs on Tyson Fury due in no small part to his odds being 1/50, however the draw odds are 25/1 and you can also et on the underdog that being Francesco Pianeta at 10/1.

Two Other Upcoming Bouts

There sure has been a lot of hype surrounding the KSI v Logan Paul, and you are not going to have very long to wait until you can watch that bout, which on the balance of all known form is one that could go either way.

It will be on the 25th of August that bout is scheduled to start at 9:00 PM in the evening, and as far as what the betting site are offering you by way of odds, KSI is on offer and readily available currently at Coral at odds of 4/7 and the win odds of his opponent that of course being Logan Paul are 5/4.

Whilst the above bout is a very well balanced one and is going to go either way, as far as the Anthony Joshua v Alexander Povetkin bout that is starting on the 22nd of September 2018 it is a much more one sided affair.

If you think, like the majority of punters do, that Anthony Joshua is going to win his odds of doing so are 1/10, the draw odds are 28/1 and you are also going to be able to secure some decent odds of 5/1 if your loyalties lay with Alexander Povetkin.