German Bundesliga 2018/19 Outright Winner Betting

You may be of the mind that it is a little too late in the day to bet on which team you think is going to be the champion of the Bundesliga this season, for a quick look at the betting market over at one of our top rated betting site does show that Bayern Munich are going to be the champions this season.

The odds they are offering on Bayern Munich, which by the way are the highest ones I have come across this morning on the outright winner of the Bundesliga are just 2/25, you are going to have to place some fairly heft bets on them to get any type of decent return!

However, keep in mind that BetHard are also offering new customers who sign up using any of our links to get to their website a rather generous and very tempting new customer sign up bonus, and as such you could place a bet on Bayern Munich and take those odds but lock in plenty of additional betting value by making use of their sign up offer!

Just keep in mind that there are terms and conditions attached to their welcome bonus offer, and as such you will need to read them through just to be sure that you can indeed bet on Bayern Munich to win and still have access to their offer, and the terms and conditions can be found over on their website.

However, you may be of the mind that it could be another team that will be crowned the champions of the German Bundesliga this season and if so then below I will give you an insight into what odds are chalked up on all other teams.

Could Dortmund Win the German Bundesliga

Let’s be realist, if there is one team that does have any possible chance of beating Bayern Munich to the title it can only be Dortmund. Therefore if you are somehow of the mind that they will not be champions this season and that Dortmund will be you are going to be rewarded with some fairly hefty off.

Those odds by the way are currently 10/1 and they are on offer over at BetHard, but do weigh up the pros and cons of backing them to win as those high odds do give you a good idea of what their chances of doing so really are.

Having said that though you are not only going to be able to back any team you think will win the league this season, you are also going to be able to lay odds on any teams you think will lose, and to do so you simply need to head over to Betfair.

By doing so you must then decide which teams in any have to possible chance of winning the league and then need to work out what odds you would like to offer other punters of that betting exchange, and as long as you odds are tempting enough there will be a user of Betfair that is prepared to take those odds and place a bet with you.

You are required however to have enough cash in your Betfair account to pay out any liabilities, and they will be removed at the time of your placing you odds onto their betting change, if the team you select to lose does lose you get to keep the stakes of any punters who have placed a bet with you at the odds you offered.

But if that teams does in fact win you have to pay out all of the winning punters as per the odds you offered then in relation to the stakes they wagered with you, however the betting exchange does that automatically once the result of the season is known.

Huge Odds on all other Teams

Being as the first favorite is on offer at such tiny odds and the second favorite to win the league is on offer at some fairly decent and much higher odds, the remainder of the teams that could still pull of a major surprise and win the league are on offer at some gigantic odds.

With that in mind I am now going to be taking a look at the odds attached and associated with all other teams in the Bundesliga and that will give you an idea of what there possible chances are of topping that league this season, and once again the following odds are available over at BetHard.

You will have no problems what so ever getting odds of 66/1 on RB Leipzig if you fancy their chances however if your loyalties lay with teams such as  Leverkusen you can opt to bet them and by doing so at BetHard they will offer you right now odds of 100/1!

Hoffenheim are very easy to back at odds of 125/1, Werder Bremen are 150/1 as too are Monchengladbach, the odds on Hertha Berlin winning the league are 200/1, but to be fair I haven’t yet met anybody that has placed a bet on that team to win, or for that matter Wolfsburg who may be a bet you fancy placing when you learn their win odds are huge at 300/1.

Another team that you will have no difficulty backing at 300/1 is Schalke, but there is then a massive jump regarding the odds you can bag on all other teams starting with Eintracht, Frankfurt and Stuttgart and all of those teams are currently chalked up at odds of 750/1 if you do fancy backing them.

All of the other teams that I haven’t yet so far mentioned are up for grabs at astounding odds of 1000/1 and there is no doubt in my mind that some avid fans of each of the following teams will be tempted to place a bet so some description with the odds being that high.

The teams that you can bag at odds of 1000/1 are Dusseldorf, Mainz, Nurnberg, Freiburg, Hannover and Augsburg.