German Darts Championship Bets of the Day

It is on Saturday the 1st of September 2018 that you are going to have a huge number of darts matches to watch, if you are a fan of the sport, for the German Darts Championship will be well underway that day and all manner of betting opportunities are available to you on each of those matches.

To help you make some sense of each of those matches from a  betting point of view, below you will find each of them which are taking place in the afternoon on Saturday and go on into the evening too.

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The first match of the day is starting at 12:00 and that match is the one in which Dave Chisnall is taking on Mark Webster, as for who is most likely to win that match it is Chisnall that is the 4/11 favourite to do so and as for what odds you can get on Webster winning that match those odds are 11/5.

The next match scheduled on Saturday will start at 12:30 and it is Gerwyn Price that will be hoping to beat Jan Dekker, in fact that is what is expected to happen for his wins odds are currently 8/15 and those of his opponent that being Dekker are slightly higher at 6/4.

Stephen Bunting v Ron Meulenkamp

The match starting at 13:00 is looking likely to go the way of Stephen Bunting for he can be backed quite easily at odds of 4/7, but there may be some value to be had if you do fancy the chances of his opponent that being  Ron Meulenkamp how can be backed at odds of 11/8.

In fact, there is a betting exchange on offer to users of the Betfair betting sites, and if you want to lay bets or place bets that betting site is going to allow you to do so, and as such you can offer you own set of odds on any darts player to win and take bets from other punters.

Doubles, Trebles and Accumulator Matches

In each of the following German Darts Championship matches, one thing that you are going to notice is that one favourite is going to be available at odds-on, and whilst their opponent will be on offer at some much higher odds, their respective chances of winning will be quite low.

Therefore, if you fancy more than one of the odds-on favourites that are playing in any of the matches below, to win their matches it may be beneficial for you to perm them together in a series of multiple bets.

For example if you place a double win bet, your initial stake will be placed onto the first player you think will win his match, and if he does so then the winnings you achieved from the initial bet and the initial stake of that bet then get rolled over onto the second part of the bet.

You can of course choose to place treble bets, which are much like doubles but for the fact you pick out three players, all of whom however must win their matches for you to get a winning pay-out, or you could prefer placing an accumulate bet on which you will be hoping every single players you pick out to win their matches does so.

Odds-On Favourites to Win Their Matches

As for who is going to win the 13:30 dart match it is Joe Cullen most punters will do so and his odds are 4/9 whilst those of his opponent are 7/4.

The next match of the day begins at 14:00 and there is no looking further than Daryl Gurney from a  betting point of view as his win odds are 1/4 and the odds attached and on offer on his opponent that being Darren Johnson are 3/1.

Moving onto the 14:30 match, that is one in which Michael Smith s the short odds-on favourite at 4/11 he is expected to beat  Krzysztof Ratajski who is on offer at Betfred at odds of  11/5 quite easily, but I will let you decide whether you think he will or not!

The 15:00 match between Steve Beaton and Martin Schindler is a very close one from a betting point of view but the former player can be bet on at odds currently of even money whilst his opponent’s odds are ever so slightly lower at 4/5.

The last match of the afternoon begins at 15:30 and the two players and their odds that will be taking their chances in that match are Simon Whitlock at 4/9 and Michael Rasztovits at 10/3.

There are four matches in the German Darts Championship that will all be playing out on Saturday and the first one you may fancy betting on starts at 18:45 and you will find it is Jonny Clayton that is expected to win that match and his win odds of doing so are 8/15, whilst eh win odds of his opponent that being James Wilson are 6/4.

The next match looks like it will be a very one-sided match that being the one that starts at 19:45 in which Rob Cross will be taking on Kyle Anderson, Cross is the red hot favourite to win that match and he should do so fairly easily and his win odds are 1/3, whilst those of his opponent are 12/5.

The next match is at 20:15 and you will find Mensur Suljovic on offer at some tiny odds of just 1/6 but he is certainly therefore expected to beat Andrew Gilding whose odds are 4/1. , the last match is the 20:45 one and Mervyn King is the outsider to win that match at his odds of 7/2 and it is Adrian Lewis who is expected to win at odds currently of 4/9.