German Grand Prix Race Winner Betting

The German Grand Prix is of course being staged tomorrow, and now is the time that you should be trying to work just which driver is going to win that even, however as has been the case for quite some time there are only a tiny handful of drivers that punters are placing their money on.

What you should be doing though, if you do fancy placing a bet on the driver that you think is going to win that race, is hunting around for a bookie that is offering you the best odds on the one you think will win it, so never take the first odds that are being offered to you and do shop around.

If you have any knowledge of the sport of F1 Racing, then you will not need me to tell you that one driver that does hold all of the aces in this race is L. Hamilton, and he is currently being offered to win that race at odds of 4/5, which are not as low as they could be by the way.

There is of course the ever-real chance that things may not just go the way of L. Hamilton tomorrow, and if you think he isn’t going to win then another driver that is certainly worth betting on to come out on top is V. Bottas and he is easy to back right now at fair odds of 7/2

Next 3 Drivers in the Betting

It should be the case that one of the two drivers named up above will win the German Grand Prix this year, but if you think another driver will pip them to the post then who am I to put you off betting on any other driver.

The next three drivers in the betting do obviously offer much better betting value and they are C. Leclerc at 6/1 and you will also be able to back both S. Vettel and M. Verstappen at 13/2, and you never know any of them could win this race this year with some luck in driving.

Drivers Very Few Punters are Backing

You can of course back any driver that you rate the chances of, and the rest of the field are going to be on offer to you at some very impressive odds, but do not lose sight of the fact the odds on the drivers I am about to reveal to you are high for a reason.

That reason is that they have very little if any chance of winning, and as for just what odds can be secured on any of the outsiders, will you can back P. Gasly at 125/1 or take your chances betting on drivers such as D. Ricciardo, L. Norris, C. Sainz and R. Grosjean, N. Hulkenberg and K. Raikkonen at 750/1.

Plus, if you want to back the complete and utter outsiders and secure massive odds of 10001/ those drivers you should be backing are D. Kvyat, S. Perez, R. Kubica, A. Albon, L. Stroll, A. Giovinazzi, K. Magnussen and G. Russell, but do not expect to win if you do back any of them!