Get a 10% Payout Booster on Lucky 15 Bets

You should always be on the hunt for a bookie that is going to give you some form of pay-out booster when placing combination bets, as those bonus pay-outs can make the difference between you getting a decent winning pay-out or a very healthy sized one instead.

If you are the type of punter that does enjoy placing multiple combinations bets on a range of different sporting events, then you should consider placing your bets over at our featured Coral betting site, for they offer two different pay-out boosters to punters placing Lucky 15 bets either on their online betting platform or on their mobile betting app.

I am sure that some of you may have placed a Lucky 15 type of bet before and have been unlucky enough to have only picked out one single winner, however if that does happen to you when betting with Coral then your one winning single bet on your Lucky 15 bet will be paid out at double the odds you took on that selection.

However, if you strike gold and manage to pick out all four winners on that type of bet when betting with Coral then you will be in line for a 10% boost to the total pay-out you achieved, and as such that is the ideal bookie to place Lucky 15 bets with.

Coral do cater for low and high rolling sports bettors, so you are always going to be able to place any type of bet at any value with them and they will always lay your bet for you, make sure though that you click onto our Coral betting site links to sign up as a new customer of theirs as that way you will qualify for their high valued sign up welcome bonus offer too.

How to Place Lucky 15 Bets

If you have never placed a Lucky 15 bet before, then allow me now to give you a quick insight into how you can place such a bet for they are very easy bets to understand once you know how they have been structured and put together.

You are first going to have to pick out a total of four selections to place on a Lucky 15 bet, and they could for example be four horses running in four different upcoming races.

Those four horses you do pick out are then going to be put together in a total of 15 individual bets, which are four single bets, a total of six double bets, four treble bets and one accumulator bet too.

Each of those fifteen bets will of course require a stake, and you need to place the same unit stake on each bet on a Lucky 15 wager, so if you opt for a 0.50 unit stake you are going to be paying 7.50 in total for that bet, however the unit stake you choose can be up to you.

As you have four single bets then even if just one of your selections wins you are going to receive something back from that bet, and when betting with Coral the odds on that one winner will as you have found out above be doubled.