Getting Value from Ante Post Betting

It’s true to say that many punters will leave it to the very last minute before they set about placing their sports related bets, much more so when they are betting on a horse race or greyhound race, but the savviest of punters are going to be making use of the ante post betting markets.

An ante post betting market will often go live many weeks or months and in some cases even a year before a horse or greyhound race is set to be run, and by betting long in advance of any race starting punters can often take advantage of some much higher odds.

There are risks associated with betting on ante post betting markets of course, as there is no guarantee that the odds you will secure are going to be higher than they will become as the starting time of any race approaches, but there is often plenty of value to be had by making use of them.

Part and parcel of getting the best odds though when placing ante post bets and wagers is knowing which better sites have their own odds compilers that are never afraid of offering higher odds and laying large bets too, so read on to find out just where you should be placing such bets online!

You Can Rely on MintBet

Head on over to the MintBet betting site if you want to see some of the highest possible odds being offered on all the major horse and greyhound races, for they are a betting site that can always be relied on to give you the best odds on their ante post betting markets.

In fact, now is a great time to sign up to MintBet if you haven’t already done so for their sign-up bonus that is there for the taking when you click onto out MintBet links is a huge valued one!

Betting Each-Way on Ante Post Betting Markets

You will never know is a horse or greyhound is going to improve its form in the run up to any major races that it is scheduled to run in that are available on the ante post betting markets, and as such you may prefer to cover all bases and bet each-way instead.

That is something that most if not all betting sites are going to allow you to do of course, and as long a you are placing such bets at bookies famed for their slightly better and much more generous each-way betting terms you will not go far wrong.

It is the number of places a bookie will pay out to on any horse race that will determine if they are offering generous each-way terms, and it is also the percentage of the win odds that they will pay you out if your horse finishes in one of their offered places that will ultimately determine the true value of their ante post each-way betting opportunities.

Therefore, the two things to always make a note of are the places paid and the percentage of the win odds offered.