Getting Value from Handicap Betting Markets

The Handicap betting markets are going to be a way for you to get much higher odds if you fancy the chances of any team playing in any upcoming match on any type of sport, but they do not come with added risks of course.

You may have often overlooked them when you have fancied placing a bet, and if so if you haven’t yet got your head around the way they work then please do read on!

Let me use a football match as an example, over at William Hill today they are offering outright winner odds on the match between Huddersfield and Fulham, the odds they are offering on that match are 27/20 on Huddersfield to win it, 23/10 on the draw and also 21/10 on a win for Fulham.

But you can opt to make use of their Handicap betting market on that match and by doing so they will boost the goal margin by 0.5 goals on Fulham so they start with half a goal in front of their opponents, and by placing a bet on that Handicap betting market they will give you win odds of 83/100.

But if you want to back Huddersfield on that Handicap betting market they are going to knock off half a goal from their final score, and as such the win odds of that team are going to be 102/100.

Therefore the idea behind this type of betting markets is to give you more incentive if you fancy backing the underdog for example for that extra half a goal start could see them winning the match, or if you want some better odds on the favourites to win instead.

Most Sports Covered by a Handicap Betting Market

It will not just be on football matches that you are going to have the opportunity of backing a team you hope will win a match, for sites such as William Hill are going to be offering you a plethora of different Handicap betting markets on virtually all sporting events.

What I would urge you to do however is to spend some time looking over the range of different betting markets available on the Handicap section of each available betting opportunity at sites such as William Hill for by doing so you will see the difference they can make in regards to the odds being offered to you on any match you wish to have a financial interest in.

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