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Greyhound Racing Betting

greyhound racing betting

Adopting a Winning Greyhound Racing Betting System

It can often feel like the only way you can pick the winner of any up and coming greyhound race is to close your eyes, and then stick a pin into the list of runners, and whichever dog’s name the pin sticks in that will be the dog to bet on! 

Greyhound racing is a funny old game, and anything can and probably will happen when you choose to bet on any number of greyhound races. There is always the chance that your chosen greyhound could get knocked over at one of the corners or it could even go lame at any point in any race too.

However, over the years there have been plenty of different greyhound racing systems developed, and one that does have a bit of merit surrounding it, involves you looking for greyhounds that have shown an improvement in their form over their last few races.

A greyhound You will often notice that the form of any greyhounds can come and go, but if you do spot a greyhound that is improving in form, then that will be one worth betting on, and there may be a good chance it is going to win its next race.

Therefore, what you should do when you are looking through the newspaper and list of runners is to look at the form of each runner in each individual race, and then utilize a point scoring system whereby you look at each greyhound’s last three runs and then allocate several points to each of those last three races.

Once you have worked out the points each greyhound has scored via its placing in the last three races it has run, then you should place a bet on the greyhound or couple of greyhounds that have scored the highest number of points in each race.

By starting with the last race each greyhound runs in you should allocate 18, 12 and 6 points if that greyhound finished first, second or third it that race. On its second last run the points system is 12, 8 and 4 points for finishing in first, second or third place respectively.

On each greyhound’s third last race the number of points you should allocated for first, second and third are 6, 4 and 2 points respectively. If a greyhound finished in any other positions outside the top three positions in any of its previously run races, then you do not allocate any points to its score.

Whilst this is by no stretch of the imagination what I would call a fool-proof betting system for betting on greyhound races, it does have a reasonable amount of success. But always keep in mind what I said earlier, that being that you do need your greyhound to have a clear run and just be aware of the chances and risks that it could get bumped or even knocked over when making its way around the track.

This method of choosing which greyhounds to bet on is relatively quick to preform too, and you are not going to have to check out several different races and then work out the individual form of each greyhound which is something you do usually have to do when trying to pick out the ones with the best chances of winning!