Guide to Betting at US Sportsbooks

Betting at US Sportsbooks

This guide as you may have guessed from its title has been designed to allow you to get your head around the many unique types of bets and wagers that you will come across and are going to be able to place when you bet at an online, mobile or even land-based US sportsbook.

Many betting sites do cater for US sports bettors, and as such alongside the betting opportunities you will be fully aware of and may have placed before, you will often find some that are designed in a completely different way or may simply be known by a different name.

Any sports bettor that is going to hold account at many different online and mobile sportsbooks should always ensure that they are familiar with every type of betting opportunity, as sometimes the best course of action is to place one type of bet rather than another.

So, read on just to ensure you are fully up to speed with these types of popular US types of bets, as you may fancy placing several of them at some point in the future, or you may fancy placing one much sooner when you next choose to bet so sports!

Straight Bets and Parlay Bets

Keeping things nice and simple is what you will be doing when you set about placing a Straight Bet, for that is a win type of be or an outright winner bet, so if for example you are betting on a horse you simply choose a stake and either take the money lines being offered to you or the odds and place that bet.

betting at US sportsbooks

If your horse in our example wins, then you are paid out at the odds or via the money lines you accepted when placing that bet!

But however, if you are looking for a bet that can return some huge winning pay-outs, but from a very small stake, then what you will need to place is a Parlay Bet, for when placing such a bet you must pick let’s say several different Baseball teams to win their matches.

If each of your teams do win, then you will get a huge winning pay-out, depending on how many of them have won, for the stakes and the winnings from the first one rolls over to the next and then the next and so on. But if any team doesn’t win then your Parlay Bet will be a losing one, so do keep that in mind!


Don’t be confused with terms that you have never come before if you choose to bet at sites such as Bovada Sportsbook, for you will have more than likely come across some of the betting markets those names and terms refer to before at a UK facing betting site.

Take for example Futures betting markets, they are simply ante post betting markets on which you are going to be able to place your bets and wagers on events that are due to start well into the future.

Any long-term sports bettor will know there can be plenty of value to be had on such betting markets, so always be prepared to place your best early, so that you can secure some much higher odds!


There will, be a range of unique and often some quite unusual betting opportunities that some sportsbooks, betting sites and bookmakers will be offering you on any sporting event.

For example, in a darts match they could be offering you odds on who will score one or more 180’s, or in a golf tournament you will always find odds on each golfer scoring a hole in one.

Those types of bets are known in America as Proposition or Prop bets and as such they are simply a range of bets that you can place other than just picking the outright winner of any type of sporting event, and sometimes the odds that are on offer can be very tempting too!


A teaser bet is a bet that you will often find being offered to you at UK facing sportsbooks that are based on football or basketball matches and they all the point spread to adjusted in such a way that additional points in the punters favour could become active on more than one game.

In a football game for example a punter may choose to move the posted point spread by up to 14 points. Regarding a basketball match you could be offer up to a 5-point teasers too.

Round Robin Bets

The one main reason why a sports bettor is going to want to place a bet known as a Round Robin, is so that he or she can get some much bigger pay-outs from betting on low odds betting opportunities, such as when betting on favourites that are odds-on for example.

A Round Robin is a set of three individual double bets and a bet on which you must pick three sports betting opportunities, if you were to pick three soccer teams to win then those teams would be permed together as a Team A and Team B double, a Team A and Team C double and a final Team B and Team C double.

So, if two teams win you have one winning permutation guaranteed, but if all three of your teams win their respective matches you have three winning bets!

In-Play Betting Markets

You can now place bets on most sporting events once they have started, so if you didn’t have time to place a bet before the start of say a soccer match or even a horse race then simply log onto your chosen betting site or online or mobile sportsbook and click on the live In-Play betting markets.

The one thing to be aware of when you do bet on such a betting market is that as the sporting events are live and being played out, the odds on a range of different things you can bet on in those events are going to be changing as the events unfold, so you must place your bets very quickly as the odds will be changing quickly too!