Guide to Football Coupon Betting

If you are from the USA you will probably identify coupons with money off vouchers and the suchlike, however when you come across football betting coupons they are simply a betting slip on which you can bet on a range of soccer matches, and get paid out at some enhanced odds, if you are lucky enough to predict the correct outcomes on them.

What I have therefore done in the following guide is to put together an overview of the many different types and kinds of football betting coupons that you can make use of, many of which can be found at our featured betting sites.

The thing to keep in mind about soccer coupon betting is that you can win some huge amounts of cash when everything falls into place, and you usually do win when you are least expecting it! However, it is always the luck of the draw when betting on soccer, but you never will know when your luck will be in.

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Both Teams to Score Coupon

One type of football betting coupon that will certainly give you an interest in all football matches right until the dying seconds of each game is a both teams to score coupon.

When you come across such a coupon you will be presented with a very long list of football matches, that tend to be playing on the same day, or on consecutive days of the week, and alongside each of the two teams names that are playing against each other you will find yes odds and no odds.

The aim of this coupon is that you must predict whether both teams are going to score at the very least one goal each in each match selected, and if you think they will click or tap or mark the yes tab or the no tab.

There will be a set of odds against the yes or no option, which will reflect the odds you will be paid out at if you guess correctly. If you select any number of teams to either both score a goal or not, then the stake you wager on that bet will be wagered on the first selection and if that is a winning one your winnings will roll over in turn onto the next selections you have made.

You can place very low valued stakes on this betting coupon or some high-stake amounts, that decision is yours to make, and you will be able to pick as many teams as you like, and there will of course only be two possible outcomes on each bet, either the teams do score one goal each or they don’t, so you have a 50/50 chance of success on each match chosen.

Long List Football Betting Coupons

The original football betting coupon, which is still as popular with punters today as it has always been is known as the long list.

What you are going to find listed on that coupon are every match scheduled to take place over the weekend or sometimes during one full week.

Every match will have listed alongside the two teams names the home team win odds, the draw odds and the away team win odds, and you must pick out as many teams as you like by predicting what way the match will end.

Once again and much like the football coupon bet above you will need to correctly predict every single matches outcome correctly to receive a winning pay-out, for the bet you will be placing is an accumulator type of bet.

The stakes that can be placed on such a bet are variable and the potential winnings can be huge, but that will always be determined by your staked amount coupled with the total number of matches you predict. Be aware that some betting sites are going to require you to select a minimum number of matches to predict the outcome of on such bets, which is usually at least three matches to bet on.

Under/Over 2.5 Goals Betting Coupons

There is another football betting coupon that I do think is going to be of interest to quite a lot of avid football fans, and that is one that is designed as something known as an under/over 2.5 goals football betting coupon.

Now the name of this coupon does give you a very clear idea of what it is based around, and that if you must correctly predict whether the total number of goals scored will be under 2.5 or over 2.5 on any number of matches.

As there is only going to be two possible outcomes on each match, that being yet there will be more than 2.5 goals scored in each match, or no there wont be, you will see listed alongside each match on the coupon the odds of the yes and no predication.

Once you placed your bet and the results are known if each match you have predicted does have the correct outcome as predicted by you regarding the number of goals scored being under or over 2.5 then your stake will be placed on the first match in your list, the winnings will be worked out and then that and the stake are then placed on the next match, and the next and so on until your final winnings are known.

This is another football betting coupon that can pay-out some very large amounts of cash at times, even if you only bet a small amount on it!