Guide to Placing Bets on the Tote

The sheer number of unique bets and wagers that you are going to be able to place at any of our featured betting sites is enormous, and at the end of the day you will need to get a good understanding of every possible type of bet that will become available to you.

By knowing how each bet has been designed and structured, and any additional benefits of placing one bet over any other, you can then make a well-balanced decision on which bets you should be placing, dependent on what it is you wish to bet on.

If you enjoy betting on greyhound races or horse races, or you are thinking about starting to do so, then you need to be aware of a range of bets available from the Tote.

The Tote offer pooled betting opportunities, and how they different from standard bets you place with bookmaker, is that all the stakes placed on any type of Tote bet are all pooled together, and the winners of each individual bet then get a share of the pool, based on their stake wagered, but the Tote organiser does get a small commission out of the pool before it is split up between winners.

Tote Win and Tote Place Bets Explained

If you are planning a trip to a racecourse then you will probably want to ensure that your bankroll and gambling budget lasts the full day, and you will of course also need to have some ideas of the best types of bets to place if you do want to use the Tote.

But if you have never placed a bet before in your life or have never placed a Tote bet before, then a good one to start off with is a Tote Win bet. Placing such a bet requires a stake of just 2.00 and you to pick a horse running in any race, and if your horse wins then you will your share of the pool.

If a favourite wins a race though the dividend is never going to be as high in value as when an outsider wins a race!

If you want to place a much lower risk type of bet then consider placing a Tote Place Bet, for when you do so if you horse finishes, first, second and sometimes third or fourth you will still receive a share of the place pool. The number of horses and the type of horse race will determine how many places the Tote Place bet will pay-out to.

Tote Exacta

As soon as you get the hang of placing each of the many different Tote type of bets you really are going to be spilt for choose, as there are plenty of them available each offering all manner of different winning pay-outs and stake levels.

Take for example the Tote Exacta bet, the minimum cost of placing that bet in the UK is just £2 and when placing that bet you must think long and hard about which horse you think is going to win and which horse is most likely to come in second place.

If those two horses, you have chosen do finish in first and second place then wait until thee weighed-in announcement and then a dividend will be announced based on how much went into the pool and how much each winning ticket holder is going to get paid out based on their stake wagered.

Tote Trifecta

The next step up from placing an Exacta bet is placing a Trifecta bet, but it is a much harder bet to win on, for you are tasked with having to pick not only the winner of a horse race and the horse that finishes in second place, but you also must choose which horse will finish in third place too.

However, the one thing that does attract many punters to place several Tote Trifecta bets each day is that the winning pay-outs can be high in value, even if you are placing only the minimum stake requirement.

So, add this bet to your every growing list of Tote bets to place as you may have some luck when you do place it and will be rewarded with some decent pay-outs if you do win!

Tote Quadpot

It doesn’t matter which UK racecourse you want to visit or simply place bets on you are going to be able to place a Tote Quadpot bet on the third to sixth race of any meeting you choose.

All you must do is bet a minimum of just 10p and pick out one horse in each race that you think is going to win or get placed, if all four of your selections do win or get placed you win a share of the prize pool but based on the stake you wagered.

Tote Placepot

The Tote Placepot will give you an interest in six of the first races at any racecourse, but what you need to have the skill in doing to win when pacing such a bet is pick one horse in each of those six races that will win or get placed.

By doing so you will find a share of the Tote Placepot pool based on how much you wagered, the one thing that is ultimately going to determine if you win big on this bet are the odds of the other placed horses, if they are not favourites or second favourites the dividend can be and often is huge!

Tote Jackpot

You will not be mistaken for thinking the above bet is a hard one to win on, but the Tote Jackpot is even harder to win on for it is a pooled type of bet which covers the first six races at any chosen race meeting, and you must pick out the winner of each of those six meetings.

Due to the odds of a punter successfully doing that, most days the jackpot isn’t won and when that is the case the jackpot then rolls over to a race the following day and the jackpot is carried over to that race too, it continues to roll over until such a time that it is won!