Guide to the Most Placed Bets and Wagers

Long gone have the days when the only bets you could place were a simple win type of bet or an each-way bet, for these days each betting sites will not only be offering you loads of standard bets and wagers, but they will be offering you the ability of placing some unique and exclusive bets too.

However, I want to strip things back a little in this guide, for what you are going to find listed below are the most placed types of bets and wagers that most sports bettors will be placing, any time they fancy having a bet.

Whilst these bets are not very complicated and are quite basic bets, they are ones that you will never find any problems being able to place, no matter where you choose to bet.

But as the betting sites showcased to you throughout this website are offering a range of welcome bonuses and sign up promotions, when you place any of the following bets in conjunction with those offers, bonuses and deals you will find you get much better betting value, and could end up getting paid out more if your bets do turn out to be winning ones!

Outright Winner Bets

You will find you can place an outright winner bet on absolutely any sporting event, and all that is required for you to do when placing this most basic of bet is to pick out the winner of any sporting event you want to have a financial interest in.

If you are a fan of a golfer then you can place an outright winner bet on him or her winning, or if you have a favourite soccer team you can bet on that team to win a match, the league or even any cup games they are playing in.

Most betting sites offer fixed odds as they are known when you want to place this type of bet so the odds you can take are never going to change no matter how much money gets placed on any of the betting opportunities. However, some sports such as horse racing can offer odds you can take when placing a bet or you can wait to get paid out at the starting price once the result has been declared.

There is always a gamble when you choose to take the starting price for example as the odds declared are an average of several on course bookmakers when the race started.

Double and Trebles Bets

The next most commonly placed sports bets are known as doubles and trebles, and when you bet on a double you are picking out two selections both of which will have to win for you to get a winning pay-out.

The winnings and your stake on the first selection if it wins are then automatically placed onto your second selection, so the returns can be quite high for one single bet as opposed to betting two individual single win bets.

A Treble as you have probably already worked out is when you pick out three selections to place a bet on, and the stake you select and any winnings on the first rolls over onto the second, and if that wins then the winnings and the now much higher stake rolls over onto the third selection.

But each selection you pick when placing a Double or Treble bet must win, if any selection you choose to bet on loses then your bet has lost. You are also allowed to place any stake you want on either of those two bets, so they are suitable for very low or very high-stake gamblers and everybody in between!

Accumulator Bets

You could win a large amount of cash if everything does fall into place when you choose to place an accumulator bet, but to have the chance of great rewards there are plenty of risk associated with placing this type of bet.

If you do want to place such a bet firstly you will need to pick out as many different selections, which could be golf players horses or soccer and basketball teams, that you think are going to win their next matches or races.

You then right each selection down on a betting slip or enter then into an online or mobile betting slip by click on them, and next you choose a stake.

All that needs to happen next is that you end up winning, and that is what you will do if ever selection you placed on an accumulator bet wins, and if they do the stakes and winners from the first one roll over and get placed onto the next bet and so on until all bets have been paid out.

Low Risk Each Way Bets

Each-way betting is going to see you winning more often that you will do when placing most other types of bets, for how an each-way bet has been designed is in two parts, and as such you are forced to wager double the amount you would on a win bet for example.

The first bet you are placing in one that covers your selection to win, and if that selection does win then you are paid out at the odds you took or the starting price for example on a horse you didn’t take odds on.

However, the second part of the bet covers your selection to finish in one of the top positions, so if a horse you get on comes first or second and in some cases even third, fourth for fifth you will get a percentage of the win odds on the second part of the bet.

It is probably not advisable to bet on selections that are huge odds-on by placing an each-way bet for the returns on both parts of the best, especially the placed part will be tiny if your selection does go on to win but at odds-on, so do keep that in mind if you decide to play an each-way bet in the future!