Hampton & Richmond v Oldham Live Match Special Bets

One football match that you may not have thought about betting on tonight is the match between Hampton & Richmond v Oldham.

However, BetFred have that match listed as one of their Live Match Special bets today, and they are offering a range of unique betting propositions on that betting market which you may fancy backing.

One of those betting opportunities that is on offer at odds of 3/4 and that is that there will be a goal scored in both halves of that match, however if you think that there will be two or more goals scored in the first half the odds on offer on that betting opportunity are 7/4.

You can also place a bet on both teams scoring in the second half, and if you think that there is going to be any likelihood of that happening the odds of 12/5 that BetFred are offering on it will certainly be too tempting to ignore!

There is also a fair and reasonable chance that a Penalty could be awarded at some point in that match and as for the odds you can bag on such an eventuality, well if you fancy placing such a bet you can get odds right now at BetFred of 11/4.

Will there be a Goal Scored in the First 10 Minutes?

You do have to hand it to BetFred, they have certainly thought out this match to perfection, and another betting opportunity that may or may not appeal to you is whether there is going to be a goal scored in the first 10 minutes of the match.

I am certain both teams will be very eager to bag a goal as quickly as they possibly can and the odds of there being a goal scored in the first ten minutes for reference are 10/3!

Red Cards and Other Betting Opportunities

If there is a red card handed out in match and you have bet on there being one handed out you will be in the money as the odds on that proposition are 7/2.

As for either team scoring a goal from a penalty, if there is one awarded to Oldham and they then go onto score the odds available on that happening are 9/2 and you can bag odds of 7/1 on Hampton & Richmond scoring a penalty!

You may also fancy backing either team to come from behind, and the odds on offer on either team doing so are quite high to be honest, so as for what odds you can get at BetFred on Oldham to win from behind, those odds are 9/1.

However, the odds on Hampton & Richmond going on to win this match from behind are ever so slightly higher at odds of 20/1.

To be fair to BetFred, those odds are extremely generous due to the make-up of this match, so do consider placing a few of those unique bets and use our website links to take advantage of their generous sign up bonus offer if you haven’t yet signed up to their betting site too!