Have You Tried the Virtual Betting Games at Quinnbet?

Now you may not instantly be attracted to playing the virtual betting games at sites like Quinnbet, however it is very true to say that they do tend to offer punters a welcome distraction for any of the many different real life sporting events covered by that leading bookie.

The way in which each of their four available virtual betting games work is much in the same way as a raffle or lottery works. Each of the greyhounds, football teams, cars and drivers on their motor racing game and horses on their racing virtual betting game are given odds on winning, and the lower the win odds the more tickets in that draw they have.

Once the game begins, the winning ticket so to speak is drawn, and then the race or football game is then played out on your computer screen or mobile devices screen, so there is no doubt these games are completely fair and totally random and any selection you choose to bet on does have a chance of winning.

The games work in much the same way as for example the games available on a bookies FOBT machine work, with each outcome being chosen completely at random, but any outcome could win.

Virtual Football and Motor Racing Games

The virtual football betting games on offer at Quinnbet start every 3 minutes however you do not watch a full 90 minutes of action, as just the highlights of each match are played out.

What you will find appealing is that much like a real life football match you are going to be able to back either virtual team to win or draw the match, and plenty of additional betting opportunities are also available too.

As such you can bet on the first team to score, and bet on the over/under betting opportunities and can also bet on the total number of goals you think will be scored and even bet on what you think the correct score of each individual virtual football match will be too!

As for the virtual motor racing betting games, you will find a new race will begin every two minutes, and you get the option of picking out one of the drivers to win that race and can back him or her to win outright or if you prefer you will be able to back them each-way instead!

Virtual Greyhound and Horse Racing

If you fancy giving the virtual greyhound racing games a try at Quinnbet you will find a good mix of six and eight runner races on offer, but be aware the action is fast and furious though, as there will be a virtual greyhound race starting every 2 minutes!

The virtual horse racing games at Quinnbet also start every two minutes too, and you get the option of backing a horse to win each race or if you want a much lower risk type of betting experience you do also have the option of betting each-way too, with some rather attractive each-way betting terms it does have to be said!