How to Fund Your Online and Mobile Betting Accounts

Funding of Online & Mobile Betting Accounts

The banking interfaces that you will find at all online and mobile betting sites have been designed in such a way that you can choose many different methods to make a deposit into your account in real time and choose a way of you receiving your winning pay-outs quickly too.

However, you do need to be aware that not all payment options are cost effective to you and there can be different times scales involved when for example you request a withdrawal until it is paid out and received by you.

This guide will walk you through the pros and cons and fees and charges associated with using a range of different betting site payment options.

Cash Payments

Many of the betting sites we are showcasing to you throughout this website, that also own and operate land-based betting shops in the UK will allow you to top up your online and mobile betting accounts by paying for those deposit sin cash in one of their betting shops.

how to fund mobile betting accounts

Not only that but if you win when betting via your mobile device or when betting online, you can also request that your winnings pay-outs are given to you in cash and on the spot in one of those betting shops too.

This is a great alternative to all other betting site payment options for you do have to make a concerted effort to visit and walk into a betting shop to top up your betting site accounts, and therefore will rarely find yourself making repeated deposits when things are not going your way!


If you live in any of the countries that PayPal will not permit you to use their web wallet to gamble at, then no matter how hard you try you will not be allowed to make a deposit into any betting or gambling site, but you will not be allowed to cash out any winnings back to your PayPal account wither.

Having said that though if you do live in a permitted country apart of their rather excessive top up fees for transferring money into your account their web wallet is as good as any other I suppose.


Online gamblers who live in countries that have weird and wonderful laws surrounding gambling online or via a mobile phone can now use cryptocurrencies as their preferred payment options into any gambling or betting sites.

The beauty of that type of payment method you are not going to find any of your deposits rejected and you will also benefit from rapid winning pay-outs too. But only if you carefully pick and choose where you choose to bet.

Credit Cards

One of the most expensive ways that you can choose to use to fund a betting site account these days is by you choosing to use your credit cards. In fact, some companies such as Mastercard will not allow their card holders to either make a deposit or get paid out their winnings from any type of gambling site account.

Visa issued credit cards however are readily accepted at most if not all betting sites, both online and mobile ones, so you should be able to top up your account instantly and with no fuss or hassle.

However, whilst funding such an account with a credit card is going to be a breeze, what you do need to be aware of are all the fees and charges they will force upon you, one of which will be a cash advance fee.

Bot only that but due to the very nature of a credit card, if you do not pay off your bill on time, then everything you have paid for with a credit card will see interest being added on top of those payment totals, and they can often spiral out of control if you are not careful!


Moneybookers was the original name for Skrill, however they reinvented themselves several years ago and have also changed hands, and as such you will find Skrill is the new name for Moneybookers and what they offer is a simply and easy to use type of web wallet service to their customers.

Now sadly, web wallets are slowly but surely going out of fashion with online and mobile gamblers, for once upon a time they provide to be a very handy solution for anybody wishing to move money into a gambling site account and get paid out their winnings promptly too and keep their gambling funds away from their day to day bank accounts.

However, with fees charged to top up such accounts, and if you choose to get sent out a prepaid debit card linked up to your Skrill account you are going to get hit with fees and charges each time you use that card too, so they are one of the more expensive betting site payment methods you could choose to make use of!

Bank Transfers

Unless you are happy for you bank manager to know that you gamble online, when you make deposits, how much you send gambling then a bank transfer or bank wire option may be suitable for you.

If that is not the case though then I would advise you against using such payment methods, for not only could your bank take a negative outlook on your account and you personally regarding any lending decisions they make in the future if they know you are a gambler you will also find bank wires can day takes to process too.

On top of you being forced to wait days for your bank transfer deposits to show up in you chosen betting sites account, when your winnings are paid out by such an option you will have to wait days and could pay a lot of charges too when receiving your winnings.


Neteller is one of the huge and ever growing number of web and e-wallets that anybody can sign up for these days, there are going to be fees attached to using their services, such as when you top up your Neteller account and also if you choose to make use of their prepaid debit card that is linked up to your web wallet account, and some of those fees are high by the way!

Prepaid Cards

I try and avoid advising people to use prepaid debit cards for whilst they are quick and easy to top up and just as easy to use as a bank issued debit card, the fees that are going to be imposed on you when using those cards are way too excessive and will diminish the value of your bankroll over time1

Mobile Phone Billing

Mobile betting apps often have a mobile billing option and when you make use of it you can deposit amounts of around 30.00 into your account instantly and they simply get added to your next phone bill.

As there will be limits on just how much you can deposit per day, week or month when using your phone bill as the way your deposits are processed, there is very little chance of you getting way too carried away and being hit with a huge phone boil!

PaySafeCard Vouchers

There is another way that you can pay in cash for deposits you want to make into any type of mobile or online betting site account, or for that matter any type of gambling site account you hold, and that is by using PaySafeCard vouchers.

What that company have designed is a way for you to visit any Pay Zone or Pay Point shop in the UK, of which there are literally thousands of them available, and pay for a PaySafeCard voucher in cash.

By doing so the shop assistant will then print off a voucher containing a unique code and the amount you paid for you voucher and then you use the information on the front of that voucher into the banking interface of the betting site you want to have those funds credited into.

By aware though that at no time can you then get your winnings paid back out to you via a PaySafeCard voucher so make sure that of you do choose to use that service you have at the very least one withdrawal system in mind to enable to you receive any winnings you achieve when sports betting!

Debit Cards

I have left the best payment option until last, for if you are prepared and are happy to deposit into betting sites using a debit card that is issued as part of your bank account then you will never have to pay any processing and transactions fees and every single deposit you will make will also be processed instantly too.

Keep in mind too that when you cash out any winning they will then be paid back into your bank account, and with many banks using the speedy payment system those payments can hit your bank account in under two hours, but in some cases instantly!