How to Place First Goalscorer Bets

How many times have you been convinced that a player will score the very first goal in a football match, and then sat back and watch the match play out, and low and behold the player that you predicted was the one that did score the very first goal?

Well, whether you have physic powers or not, there are always going to be times throughout the football season or when there is a major football tournament in play when you will correctly predict the very first goal scorer.

With that in mind what you should consider doing is trying to turn your prediction into cash, and lots of it too, and the way you can do that is by heading on over to any of our featured betting sites and looking at their first goalscorer betting markets.

By doing so, if you haven’t ever placed such a bet before I do think you are going to be amazed at just how high the odds associated with all team players can be, so the next time you are planning on watching a football match do consider placing such a bet for some added financial interest in that match and added excitement too!

MintBet the Best Betting Site for First Goalscorer Bets

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The way those price boosts work is straight forward to understand, for if you bet on a player to score the first goal and he does so but then he goes onto score the second goal in that match the odds are increased by 50% and by 100% if he scores the third goal in that match too!

Combining Two Bets into One

There is another way that you can have the chance of winning big if you fancy backing a player to score the very first goal in any upcoming soccer match, and that is by you combining such a bet with the correct score of the match you think he will score the very first goal in.

Most betting sites are going to allow you to place such a bet and as all you have to do is to name the first goalscorer and the final score it may be a bet that will give you plenty of options and may have you pondering for hours as to just what final score a match will end in.

However, make no mistake about it, as far as the odds that you are going to be offered when placing such a bet are going to be high, in fact very high, but then again the chances of you correctly predicting the first goalscorer along with the final score will be low, so the odds of winning such a bet will always reflect your chances!