I’m a Celebrity Betting Markets

The producers of ITV’s hit reality show, I’m a Celebrity, have certainly got the knack of securing plenty of real characters each year to appear on that show, and this year, like all others there is a good mix of celebrities that will be taking their chances in the jungle, all of whom will want to be crowned King or Queen of course!

There are of course going to be plenty of betting opportunities coming up on that show, however now is just as good a time to get your bets placed at betting sites such as BetFred.

BetFred are offering odds on all celebs that are known to be going into the jungle, however if for any reason if you do back on any of those listed below and they do not take part in that show, then your bet will be voided out and you will get your stake money back.

Therefore, if you do fancy placing a bet on that show, please do read on for below you will find the current set of odds on all of the so called celebrities, and by backing them now, if the one you select does go on to prove to be a hit with viewers and wins, the odds you will be able to secure right now will be much higher than they will be at a later stage of the show!

Plus, you can of course also bag the BetFred sin up bonus fu you utilize our links to take you over to their betting site, so do take a look through the terms and conditions of that bonus for a bit of added betting value!

Current Favourites to Win I’m a Celebrity

There is no doubt that James Mcvey is going to be a real hit with the female audience of I’m a Celebrity, for with his devilish good looks he is sure to get his top off at some point in time and whip up those viewers into a mad frenzy!

He is of course a member of the band The Vamps and as such will already have his own set of fans, and if you do fancy his chances then you can back him right now over at the BetFred betting site at odds of 4/1, and those odds means that he is the current favourite to win I’m a Celebrity in 2018!

Now as for the second favourite, that honour goes to John Barrowman, however I cannot stand the man and every time I see him on TV I tend to turn the TV channel over, so I personally at a loss as to why he is the current second favourites, as I am sure plenty of other viewers will not be able to stand him too!

However, he does have his own set of fans who adore him, and as such if you are one of those fans and want to take your chances on him winning then as far as the current set of odds attached and on offer on him winning I’m a Celebrity this year.

Those odds are 9/2, making him the second favourite to win at this current moment in time, but I don’t think he will win!

Emily Atack and Anne Hegerty

Emily Atack is of course an actress and she may be one you have come across before for she did have a role in the Inbetweeners and also has starred in quite a number of films too despite her rather tender age of just 28.

She is currently the third favourite to win I’m a Celebrity this year, and if you fancy her chances of being crowned Queen of the Jungle then you really do need to be making use of and securing the 11/2 odds that BetFred are offering on her winning this show.

Now, moving onto my personal favourite to win I’m a Celebrity in 2018, that is the delightful Anne Hegerty, as far as I’m concerned her current odds of 13/2 are overly generous and I have already placed a number of bets on her winning at those odds.

What does appeal to me about Anne Hegerty is that she is never afraid to put her point of view across, and she can do so in both a comical and forceful manner, and it would not surprise me in the slightest if she did go on to win, in fact having bet on here to do so she better bloody win!

The Rest of the Celebrity Line-Up

There are of course plenty of other celebrities that are expected to enter the jungle, however each of the remaining ones are available at some much higher odds, and that does of course mean that the bookies are not convinced any of them have what it takes to win I’m a Celebrity this year.

However, you never know which contestant is going to become hit with the viewers of that show, and as such allow me now to rattle through each of the other celebs and reveal to you their current odds of winning, and once again these odds are available at BetFred, but are subject to change at any time of course!

Nick Knowles and Harry Redknapp are both current 10/1 shots, however I cannot see either of them proving to be such a big hit with viewers that they do go on to win this show, however you may be convinced they will and those odds are therefore very tempting!

Rita Simons could be worth a small bet as her odds are 12/1, but if you think that Noel Edmonds is a likely winner then you really should be bagging his current won odds of 14/1!

Malique Thompson-Dwyer is fairly friendless in the early betting markets at odds of 16/1, and as for the two complete rank outsiders who look likely to be out of the jungle sooner than later, they are Sair Khan and Fleur East who can both be backed at odds of 20/1.