Italy Serie A Juventus vs. Udinese Match Betting

Juventus are playing Udinese on Friday the 8th of March and that match all being well is going to be kicking off at 19:30, it is of course a match that is part of the Italian Serie A so it will certainly be one that will attract plenty of interest from punters.

However, there is not much value to be had if you simply want to pick out one of the three possible outcomes on that match, for with Juventus being the favourite to win that match and a short odds-on favourite to do so too, even betting sites such as BetHard are having a hard time trying to offer value for money odds on it.

But they have pushed out the odds are far as they possible can do on Juventus winning and as such their 10/31 odds are decent enough given the very obvious chances of the home team winning that match.

The value though does lay in the two other possible outcomes for that sportsbook really has given the odds on the draw a huge boost, so much so you can now back the draw at odds of 17/4 and you can also bet on Udinese to win at some massive and very tempting odds of 10/1 too.

First Half Betting

There is of course nothing stopping you from betting on what you think the outcome of the match will be at the half time whistle, and to be far the odds on offer are certainly going to be worth taking dependent on your own personal point of view.

The most obvious outcome when the half time whistle does blow is a win for Juventus, and the odds on them leading at half time are 10/13, it could be the case the match will be a draw at half time and if you think it will be then make secure you secure the 29/20 odds on that being the case, as for Udinese somehow managing to be in the lead at half time, the odds on that happening are 27/4!

Two Other Unique Bets to Consider Placing

The main attraction of signing up ro sportsbooks such as BetHard is that they are always going to be giving you access to plenty of different betting markets, no matter which football matches you fancy betting on.

There is one betting market that offers a 50-50 chance of you winning, and that is the both teams to score betting market, as the name of that type of bet suggest you have to try and work out whether both teams will or will not score in the match, the odds of both teams scoring by the way in this match at BetHard are 23/20 and the odds that they will one team or both teams will not score are 2/3.

If you want to back either team to win but wish to remove the draw for betting purposes then betting without the draw is exactly what you can do, if the match ends in a draw you get your money back, checkout the BetHard website for more details and to view the odds on that betting opportunity.