ITF Spain F19 Matches and Betting

A whole host of tennis matches are scheduled today’s as part of the ITF Spain F19 tournament, and whilst some of those matches do look very one sided with some red-hot favourites likely to win them, there are a couple that look evenly balanced and as such any player could win those matches.

In fact, it isn’t unheard of for an outsider to beat a red-hot favourite to win any tennis matches, and with that in mind I will now give you an overview of the matches that will be playing off later today, and will also let you know what odds are available on each player taking part in them too.

I should point out that the odds I will be quoting are available on the early betting markets over at NetBet Sportsbook, and if you have yet to give that sportsbooks a try it will be worth your while clicking on our lins to visit their website, as that way you can take advantage of their sign up bonus offer, which may just get you off to a winning start!

The first match you may fancy betting on is the one in which Carlos Lopez Montagud will be hoping he can beat Rafael Matos, however even though this is a fairly well balanced tennis match form a form point of view, Montagud is the underdog at odds of 33/20 whilst Matos is the odds-on favourite to win at 10/27!

Carlos Sanchez Jover vs Maciej Rajski

Another match you may fancy both watching and having a financial interest in which is part of the ITF Spain F19 tournament  is the match between Carlos Sanchez Jover and Maciej Rajski that is scheduled for later this afternoon.

To be perfectly honest, it is a match that could be won by either player, and as such the odds compilers at NetBet are offer Jover at odds of 6/5 and Rajski can be backed at very reasonable odds right now of 5/9!

Marc Giner vs David Pichler and Gianni Ross vs Pol Martin Tiffon

There are also two additional matches that are going to be starting later this afternoon, and they are the match between Marc Giner vs David Pichler and also the match between Gianni Ross vs Pol Martin Tiffon.

Regarding the betting odds you can currently secure on the early betting markets that is now live at NetBet on the Marc Giner vs David Pichler match, Giner is chalked up at odds of 5/9, and there is certainly some value to be had by backing David Pichler at his current odds of 6/51

In the Gianni Ross vs Pol Martin Tiffon match, it does look like Ross is going to win it quite easily, and that is the view the odds compilers also chare at NetBet, for they are offering odds of 10/31 on Ross winning hat match.

However, I am more than confident some punters may be on the mind that Pol Martin Tiffon will come out on top and if that is something you think will happen you are bound to be interested in securing the odds of 19/10 currently available on him doing so.