It’s Never too Early to Bet on the World Test Championship

The savviest punters out there will always be aware of the simple fact that placing long term bets on any sporting event can often see them bagging by far and away the very highest odds, and with that in mind I am going to be taking a look at the early betting on the World Test Championship.

I am doing so today for there are some standout betting opportunities available on that early betting market, and you can bet your bottom dollar so to speak the odds are going to drop quite significantly on the teams that do well in that cricket tournament.

The team that the majority of punters are getting tuck into and betting on in great numbers right now are India, and if you do want to follow the lead of those punters then the best odds, that I have so seen being offered don India winning are 4/5.

Those odds though are not so low in value that India are what you could ever call a red-hot favourite, and many punters are choosing to back Australia instead, for whilst that team does have a great chance of success in that cricket tournament their odds make them a value bet too, and for reference those odds are 11/4.

New Zealand or England Could Win

There are a couple of other teams that are being backed too by punters looking to secure the very best betting value on the World Test Series, and the first of those teams who you may also fancy backing yourself are New Zealand whose odds for reference are 7/1 right now.

It is England who are the next team in the early betting markets, and if you are of the mind that this year will be the one they excel and win that tournament then you are surely going to be tempted dot back them when you discover their early outright win odds are 8/1.

South Africa and the Rest of the Outsiders

With double digit odds attached to teams such as South Africa right now you could be prepared to throw caution to the win and take your chances by backing hem to win the Word Test Series instead, and by doing so you should easily be able to secure odds on them winning today of around the 12/1 mark.

I do not think there is going to be a huge amount of support for quite some time if at all on the other four cricket teams that are involved in this tournament for their respective chance of winning are very, very low indeed.

However, just so you know those four other teams include the likes of Pakistan who can be backed at odds of 25/1 and then you have teams such as Sri Lanka who are being offered at double those odds and are 50/1, then the two rank outsiders that face a mission impossible are Bangladesh and the once mighty West Indies who can be both backed at huge odds right now of 100/1.