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When it comes to football matches, there are always going to be several teams playing on any given day of the week that are on offer at several different bookies at such very short odds, that most punters are not going to want to bet on them.

That is one of the main reasons why Ladbrokes, one of the higher rated betting sites have chosen to launch what they call their Bankers Coupon.

That football betting coupon has been designed in such a way that each in each of the matches listed upon it there is one team that is odds-on to win, and therefore the banker to win that match.

Play the Ladbrokes Bankers Coupon here.

As such if you do fancy betting on any number of odds-on favourites to win any match and perm them all together in a single accumulator type bet, then you really do need to head on over to the Ladbrokes betting site and the look up that coupon!

In fact, there is an added incentive to do so and that is you are also going to be able to claim their welcome bonus, that is if you are not already one of their customers, but make sure as always, that you click through to their website by using any of our links to their site, as by doing so you will qualify for their welcome bonus instantly.

Below I am going to be taking a look at some of the matches that are listed on the Ladbrokes Football Bankers coupon, so that you can pick out the teams you may fancy perming together in the hope of winning big, or certainly more than you would when backing those team individual to win!

Friday Night Matches

The first set of matches I want to quickly run through are those that are being played on the 7th of September, with the first of them being the Cambuur v RKC Waalwijk match, the team you are probably going to want to include in any accumulator type bet is Cambuur who are the favourites to win that match.

Next it is over to the Las Palmas v Gimnastic Tarragona match we go, and it is the home team that of cruse being Las Palmas that should win that match with great ease, and the odds you will be rewarded with by adding them into any multiple or accumulator bets are 4/9.

Once again it is the home team that are expected to come out on top in the Sparta Rotterdam v Eindhoven, and even though they are on offer at odds of 4/11, by perming them together with as many other teams as you fancy, that should ensure your winning payout, if all the teams you select do win, will be much higher than backing them individually.

One other match that is being played on the 7th of September than being tomorrow on Friday is the match between Lithuania v Serbia and, and it is this time the away team that are expected to win and their odds to do so are 4/9.

Saturdays Matches and Teams to Back

USA v Brazil is the very first match that is kicking off on the 8th, as in fact it will be just after midnight in the UK that match will be starting, and if you do fancy the chances of the favourite to win, and that team is obviously Brazil make sure you include it on the Ladbrokes Bankers Coupon, as their win odds are 1/3 and surely they cannot lose that match!

If you are a fan of Barnsley or not, there is not getting away from the fact that they should easily beat their opponents on Saturday that tea being Walsall, and as odds of 2/5 that is a result the bookies think is going to happen.

It will be on the home team that you should be pinning your faith in when the Bath v Hungerford match kicks off this weekend, for it everything goes as expected in that match it should result in a very comfortable win for Bath at odds of 1/2.

The odds are so terribly short on Belarus in their match against San Marino this Saturday, that the only realistic way you can place any type of bet on them in that match is by including them in an accumulator type of bet, and hope they are the rest of the teams you have chosen to win, and those odds are 1/20!

In the FC Twente v Oss match, which you may have overlooked, but is yet another that will be kicking off on Satirday, you should be looking at FC Twente as another of your banker teams, for I am of the mind they should win at odds currently of 1/2 and that the match cannot possibly go the way or either a draw or as a win for the away team!

Sundays Matches Worth Including

Let me now round of this bets of the day betting guide by taking a look at a handful of matches that will, if everything does go as planned, kick off this Sunday and the teams that bookies and most punters think are going to easily win each of those matches too.

You are going to be offered odds of 1/2 on the home team to win in the Viborg FF v Naestved match this Sunday, and it is very hard to see how their opponents that day could win that match, and on the balance of form it shouldn’t be a match that ends in a draw either!

It will be at 16:30 on Sunday UK time that the KooTeePee v Klubi 04 Helsinki match will kick off and one final team that you should consider placing on your Football Banker bet that day is KooTeePee, admittedly a football team you may never have heard of, but will never forget once you do know their name, they are expected to win this match and the odds on offer are 4/9.

Check out the ladbrokes site here.