Last Chance for Betting on the Vitality T20 Blast

The Cricket world and plenty of punters will have their yes peeled on the many matches that are going to be played out as part of the Vitality T20 Blast, and to give you some ideas as to the odds available on each team right now below is an overview of each teams odds currently.

With the favourite and second favourites to win the Vitality T20 Blast this year being offered currently are very generous odds, then if you want to back any of them a good choice of team to back is the 7/1 current favourite that being Somerset.

Those favourite odds are certainly tempting, however the same could also be said on the two joint second favourites either of whom you may rate the chances of this year and if so those two joint favourites are both Surrey and Sussex at 15/2.

It will of course be your decision to make as to just which Cricket team or teams you back to win, and three other teams that you should certainly never overlook include Nottinghamshire and Hampshire at 8/1 and the current 9/1 shot that being Worcestershire.

Some Teams May Be Worth Backing Each-Way

Looking at the odds listed up above on the more fancied Cricket teams you could put an each-way bet on any of them and still get a decent return if they win or get placed based on the simple fact most bookies are paying out to two places on their each-way betting markets at one half of the win odds.

However, you may be much more of the mind that it will be some of the other teams that win and get placed second in this coemption this year and if you do then there are some big odds available on all other teams include Lancashire and Middlesex at 10/1, Yorkshire at 12/1 and odds of 14/1 are still readily on offer on teams such as Kent.

Consider Backing an Outsider to Win

As there are going to be no limits as to just who many Cricket teams you can place a bet on to win or each-way on this years Vitality T20 Blast, then there is of course nothing stopping you backing any number of the outsiders in the hope one of the ones that you do go on to bet on does find their very best form and goes on to win this event this year.

As for the odds that are being touted and offered by most bookies right now on this coemption on the remainder of the teams that will be involved in it, well you can back the Birmingham Bears, Durham and Essex at 16/1 or back teams such as Gloucestershire at even higher odds of 20/1.

Next in the betting you have Northamptonshire at 22/1 and then you have the final three teams, however it is fair to say none of them are attracting any kind of support from punters currently and those teams are Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Glamorgan of which they are all very ways to back at huge odds of 33/1, but those odds may drop if they do start winning match after match of course.