Latest Baseball World Series Betting

The so-called smart money that has been coming in on the Baseball World Series betting markets have been going on the LA Dodgers to win that competition, and that has resulted in bookies betting sites and sportsbooks slashing their odds on winning.

As such I doubt you are going to find many or indeed any bookies that are going to be offering you much higher odds on that team winning this year than around the 11/4, but if you do rate their chances then do shop around for the very highest possible odds.

If you are convinced for one reason or another that they will not win the Baseball World Series this year then you are of course going to find some much higher odds attached to each of the other teams taking part in it.

The second, third and fourth favourites currently in this betting market may include teams you fancy betting on and for reference those next three teams in the betting are the NY Yankees at 333/100, the HOU Astros at 7/2 and the ATL Braves who can be backed all day long as higher odds of  7/1 at most bookies sites and betting apps.

You Can Still Bet Each-Way

You will not only be restricted to having to place an outright win type of bet on the 2019 Baseball World Series betting markets for most bookies will additionally let you place a two part each-way bet on any team you thin will do well in this event.

Each-way betting on this event wills see your outright win part of that bet being paid out at the full odds you took when placing that bet and the other half of the bet is paid out usually at one half of  the win odds if your chosen Baseball team finishes in first or second spot too.

Some Other Possible Winners

It may take a great leap of faith of you to even consider backing any of the other teams that have not yet been mentioned in this Baseball World Series betting update news story, however some of you are bound to be fans of some other teams, and if you are prepared to back any of those other teams some much bigger odds will be coming your way for sure.

As to those team that may just pull off a shock result this season, well there are five possible teams that may just do so but each of them will need a great deal of luck in their upcoming matches if they are to win.

Those teams if you do fancy placing something of a speculative punt on any of them are the MIN Twins at 9/1, followed by the CHI Cubs whose odds are into double digit with those odds currently being 16/1 and then you have the MIL Brewers at 18/1 and two other teams that could win but probably will not do include the BOS Red Sox and TB Rays both of those two teams by the way are on offer at odds of 20/1.