Latest MLS Western Conference Outright Betting

Betting on the MLS Western Conference is well underway, and Quinnbet do of course have their usual higher than average odds available on each of the teams, so if you have your eye on any of those teams and think that they are going to win the title of champions of that league then now is a good time to place your bets.

As for just which team is heading the betting, well it probably won’t be too much of a surprise to hear that La Galaxy are leading the betting and they are on offer at odds of 7/4, and the second favourite is the Seattle Sounders at 13/5.

It is no foregone conclusion however that either of those two teams will win the title and as such you may have your eyes on teams such as Portland Timbers who are 7/2 or possible the likes of the Sporting Kansas City team who do have some fair odds attached to them right now of 9/2.

The only other two teams that punters are betting on in any great numbers are FC Dallas at 13/2 and also Los Angeles FC at 15/2, and it’s a fair bet one of the teams listed above will win that conference title this season.

Double Digit Odds

The odds then jump on the rest of the teams, but it’s fair to say that supporters of Real Salt Lake will probably find it too hard to resist betting on them as their odds are well into double digit at 18/1.

Next in the betting are Houston Dynamo, but you will have to be a very loyal support of that team to be tempted to back them at their current odds, for they do look like they face an uphill task of winning the title at odds of 22/1!

The Outsiders to Win the Title

There are of course four other teams playing in the MLS Western Conference, however the odds on each of those two teams do give you a very good overview of their chances of actually finishing in the number one spot at the end of the season!

Take for example Vancouver Whitecaps FC if you have decided they are going to finish in the top spot then now would be the perfect time to lay your money down as they are a 28/1 shot, in fact you can also back Minnesota United FC at 28/1 too.

As for the final two teams in the betting, well it is true and fair to say that both of them are completely friendless in the betting currently, and as such the odds you can avail yourself of on both of them are huge.

Those two teams are of course San Jose Earthquakes and the Colorado Rapids and as for just what odds are being offered on each of them over at the Quinnbet betting site, those odds are 40/1, but it will be a risky bet if you do back either of them as their chance so winning this title are tiny!