Latest NFL Week 12 Money Lines

The weeks have certainly been flying by in the NFL and this week is of course week 12 of the current season, and with that in mind today’s I am going to be giving you an insight into the money lines that are currently being offered by BetFred on each of this week’s upcoming NFL matches.

I tend to always quote the odds available on the money lines from that betting site, for if there is one thing they are famed for doing it is offering some of the most valuable ones in the betting industry, and they do always have plenty of other NFL betting opportunities available too, on all matches that are scheduled in the very near future too.

Let’s start with taking a look at two NFL matches that are going to be starting this very evening, the first of which is the 17:30 start time Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions, it looks like the Bears are the underdogs to win that match as they are all chalked up at odds of 13/10, and therefore the favourite team to win that match is of course the Lions, and their odds that may make your roar to win are 8/13!

Next is the Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys match and it is hard to see any other result of that match other than a win for the Redskin for their odds of just 3/10 do give you an overview of their winning chances, as for the Cowboys they are on offer at odds of 13/5 to beat the Redskins.

NFL Match on the 23rd of November 2018

As far as the time that you can place a bet on the next NFL match due to be played on the 23rd of November 2018, then due to the time one differences between the UK and the USA, that time is 01:20 and the match being played on that day is the Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints match.

You are going to have to bet big to get any decent sized winning payouts if you do fancy the favourite to win that match to win, for the favourites are the Falcons and their odds are 2/13, but if you fancy the chances of the Saints there is some value to be had by backing them to win that match right now as their win odds are BetFred are decent at 9/2!

25th of November NFL Matches

You will have more than enough betting opportunities coming your way on NFL matches on the 25th of November 2018, as there is a packed schedule of them due to start, and with that in mind let me now give you an overview of which teams are expected to win each of those NFL matches.

Keep in mind that you could always back some of the following teams in an Acca bet if you want to have the chance of winning big. The New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles should go the way of the Giants at odds of 2/5 and in the Seattle Seahawks v Carolina Panthers my money is going on the Seahawks to win at their current odds of 4/7 too.

The New England Patriots have no chance of beating the New York Jets who are firm and rock solid favourites at odds of 1/4 and as far as who you should be backing in the Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals it is of course the Browns at their win odds of 8/13, as win that match they are expected to do!

I spent quite some time trying to work out whether the San Francisco 49ers really do have what it takes to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this coming week, and it is a match I think may just go either way and as far as the win odds go, they are 4/7 and 7/5 respectively.

One match that shouldn’t take too much working out is the Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills match, for the smart money is certainly lumping on the Bills to come out on top which is something I am convinced will happen and you can get juicy odds of 4/7 on them winning that match if you are quick by the way over at BetFred!

Moving onto the Oakland Raiders v Baltimore Ravens match, it will be something of a miracle if the Ravens can win that match, and with that in mind the best bet you can place on that match if course a win for the Raiders whose odds are tempting enough given their obvious chance of winning are 2/11.

The Arizona Cardinals are one of the most obvious bets of the day, for they should easily beat the Los Angeles Chargers, but you are not going to be offered magnificent odds of them doing so for their win odds are somewhat restrictive at just 1/7!

The Pittsburgh Steelers will not go down fighting, however they do stand very little chance of beating the Denver Broncos, and the Broncos are easily to back at odds of 4/7, as for the Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts match you shouldn’t go too far wrong backing the Dolphins to win that match at odds of just 1/4!

One final Match on the 26th of November 2018

Once again you do always need to take into account the time zone differences if you are based in the UK and wish to place a bet on any USA based NFL matches, and as such you are going to be able to bet up to 01:20 if you do fancy a bet on the Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings on the 26TH of November 2018.

As for where the smart money is going on that match, it is the Packers that are certainly attracting plenty of support on the early betting markets over at the BetFred betting site, as their odds are now just 4/7 to win, but as for the Vikings they are relatively easy to back right now at much higher odds of 7/5.