Latest Premier League Top Goalscorer Odds

It is usually at this time of year when football fans will start placing a few speculative and long term bets on the player or players that they think have the very best chance of going on to be crowned the top Goalscorer in the Premier League, and that may be something you are doing right now of course,

If that is the case then I think you ought to be making your way over to the NetBet betting site, for they have just updated their top Goalscorer in the Premier League betting market, and there are some rather interesting potential bets you may fancy placing on that betting market.

As it currently stands though the one player that has by far and away been attracting the most money on that early betting market is Sergio Aguero, so much so he has been backed right down to odds of 5/2 to be the top goalscorer in the Premier League this season.

However, it will probably not surprise you to learn that Harry Kane has also been attracting a fair amount of support, so much so you can back him right now at NetBet at odds of 16/5 and there has also been plenty of cash coming in for Mohamed Salah to be the top goalscorer, but his odds are still reasonable to be fair and those odds right now are 5/1.

Other Players to Consider

It probably won’t take much for one of the middle ranked footballers to get a fair chance of being named the top goalscorer if they do start to rattle in plenty of goals this season and there are a few other players that do have a very fair and reasonable chance of doing so this season.

Those players include the likes of Eden Hazard who is easy to back right now at odds of 10/1 and there are three players that are all chalked up at win odds of 11/1 who are certainly worth considering to be the top goalscorer in the Premier League this season and those three players for reference are Romelu Lukaku, Sadio Mane and also Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Players with Huge Odds Attached to Them!

You could fancy having a very speculative and high risk bet on some of the players that have what could best be described as massive odds on offer on them, and if so let me rattle through a few of the 100/1 outsiders!

Those players who to be fair have very little chance of being the top goalscorer but you never know could do so are Paul Pogba, Javier Hernandez and also Ryan Sessegnon too.

There are currently four players whose odds are even higher than those listed about and as such if you fancy the chances of the likes of Charlie Austin, Christian Eriksen, Dele Alli or even Daniel Sturridge then NetBet will be giving you odds right now of a huge 125/1! Ivan Cavaleiro is available to back at odds of 150/1 and too is Henrikh Mkhitarian.