Latest Weekend Premier League Betting Updates

You are going to find that this coming weekend the 24th and 25th of November Premier League football returns having taken a week’s break, and as such there are, as there usually are, plenty of betting opportunities on each of those matches.

To help you make sense of them, and also enable you to spot hopefully several betting opportunities that you fancy having a financial interest in, below are the current betting updates from our featured and top rated football betting site that being MintBet, and they are certainly offering punters some generous odds it does have to be said on those matches!

If you want to get off to a flying and hopefully a winning start betting on Premier League matches this coming weekend then consider a bet on Everton to beat Cardiff, by doing so their 4/9 odds should give any doubles, trebles and even Acca bets a boost in payout value, but do avoid backing he draw at 10/3 or Cardiff at 7/1 as they are certainly the least likely results of that match!

Spurs v Chelsea

If you like a challenge then try and work out whether it will be Spurs or Chelsea that will win their Premier League match this weekend, for that is going to take you some working out for sure!

The odds compilers over at MintBet however have managed to make sense of that match from a betting point of view and as such they have Spurs chalked up and on offer at odds of 7/4, the draw odds of that match are 12/5, and there is a good chance too that Chelsea could win that match and as such MintBet are not taking too many chances as they have them on offer at odds of 8/5!

Don’t Forget Your Acca Bets!

It will be tempting to place an Acca bet this weekend, and with teams such as Fulham on offer at 8/5 in their match against Southampton, if you do include them in your Acca bets and they do go on to win that match your potential winning payout on hat bet will start to mount up in value!

One team that will be on plenty of football punters Acca bets this weekend is of course Man Utd who at odds of 4/11 look a sure-fire winning in their match this weekend against Crystal Palace. In fact, you could also say the same about Liverpool who are win odds of 8/15 should beat Watford this weekend too.

Three other teams that I am convinced are going to play well this weekend in the Premier League and should in their respective matches include Leicester at 6/4 and for reference they are playing against Brighton.

I doubt West Ham are going to cause Man City any problems in their Premier League match this weekend and City should take the three points relatively easy ay their win odds of 1/4! One other match to include in an Acca bet is Arsenal who should not have their work cut out beating Bournemouth this weekend and their odds of doing just that over at the MintBet betting site are even money!