Lucky 15 Bet Explained

The Lucky 15 bet is one that quite a number of UK betting sites and betting shops are going to let you place, and it is fair to say that especially on the weekend many punters like to place such a bet when they are watching horse races live on TV, and fancy perming together horses running in four different races.

This is a bet on which there are fifteen bets in total, and you do of course need to place a stake on each of them to place such a bet, and those bets are covering each horses to win in four single bets, and will also be covering all four of them in six doubles, four trebles and an accumulator too.

You are not however only tasked with picking out for horses, for you can place all manner of different bets on a Lucky 15 covering plenty of different sporting events too.

There are two main reasons why punters do quite enjoy placing such a bet, for there are a couple of bonus winning pay-outs some betting sites will award you with, and I will be taking a look at those bonuses below.

Featured Betting Site with Lucky 15 Bets Available

If you do place a Lucky 15 bet over at the Ladbrokes betting site or place such a bet on their betting app then you have the chance of winning one of two different bonus winning pay-outs.

The first is something of a consolation type to bet if you only manage to get one winner on that bet, and Ladbrokes will double the pay-out odds on that one winning selections=, no matter how high those odds happen to be!

However, things get a little more interesting if you manage to pick out all four winners on any Lucky 15 bet you place at Ladbrokes for they are going to boost your winning pay-out by an extra 10 percent when you do so.

What is also worth knowing is that you are going to be able to place some fairly small staked Lucky 15 bets, and if you do manage to pick out some high priced winners then the returns from such a winning bet can be significant, especially once Ladbrokes add that additional 10% winning bonus pay-out to your returns.

To claim the new customers sign up bonus that you will see showcased throughout this website at Ladbrokes all that you need to do sis to click onto any of our links, and by doing so you will see the current high valued welcome bonus offer and all of the terms and conditions of that offer when you arrive at their betting site.

Do also feel free to check out any of my additional bet type guides, for there really are a huge number of different types of bets available to you no matter at which betting sites you chose to sign up to and place your sports related bets at!