Ludlow Racecourse Stats

It is always an adventure when you set about visiting a racecourse that you have never visited before, and one where you will always get a very warm welcome at is Ludlow racecourse that is located at Bromfield, Ludlow SY8 2BT.

However they do not hold races each month of the year, for it is a National Hunt racecourse and as such the horses will of course have to be good jumpers to handle this rather stiff course and they will need a good jockey up top if they are to have any chance of winning or even making it around the course intact!

Whilst the course itself may not be as visually stunning as some other courses nearby I would never put you off visiting, and the prices for food and drink and also the admission prices are very reasonable and races that are staged at Ludlow are all shown on the Racing UK channel on SKY too.

Facts and Stats about Ludlow Racecourse

It will be a fun day out if you do decide to give the racecourse at Ludlow a try, and to help you work out which horses could win any of the races held there, below are a range of facts related to the top trainers, owners and jockeys too.

Top Jockeys at Ludlow Racecourse

I suppose it makes good sense start by revealing the names of the current crop of top jockeys at Ludlow and they are Nico de Boinville, Richard Johnson, Jeremiah McGrath, Mr Zac Baker and Robert Williams.

Ludlow Racecourse Top Trainers

Nicky Henderson, Martin Keighley, John Flint, Dr Richard Newland and Nikki Evans in case you are wondering are the top trainers currently over at the racecourse at Ludlow, and they all know what is needed to get their horses fit and ready for races that are held there!

Where to Bet on Ludlow Races

There is a full and very in-depth review of each of our approved and top rated betting sites on this website, and I would urge you to have a look at some or even all of them for they are all going to be offering you something different.

They do however all share some comment qualities such as fast winning payouts, plenty of bonus and promotional offers and a huge range of different betting opportunities on all races held at Ludlow, and one of those betting site that does stand out is Betway!

Course Specialists at Ludlow

I do know many of you will be eager to learn just which horses are the course specialists at the racecourse at Ludlow, and if you have been wondering just that they are Diamond Guy, Lust for Glory, Baden, Lygon Rock and Monbeg Legend.

Ludlow Top Owners

It is the Executors & Trustees of C G Roach Estate, Grech & Parkin, Christopher Hanbury, Eventmasters Racing and who currently hold the honour of being the top owners that have won the most races and have taken home the most in winning prize money from Ludlow racecourse!