Men’s US Open 2019

There is no doubt in my mind that plenty of you out there are going to be watching this year’s Men’s US Open on TV and in fact some of you may be lucky enough to have tickets to attend that long awaited major tennis tournament.

Either way, you are probably going to want to put a bet on one or more of the players that you think are going to win or even get placed in that tournament, so without further ado allow me to present to you the early odds many bookies are offering on that event.

The smart money has already been pouring in for Djokovic to win this tournament and if that money continues to pour in for him as it has been doing then his current 6/5 outright winner odds will be just a distant memory, so back now if you want to bet on him is my advice.

There is some value waiting to be mopped up if you are much more of the mindset that it will be Nadal that will win this year, and if so then get a move on to ensure that you can secure the generally available odds of 9/2 most bookies have him chalked up at right now.

Each-Way Betting Opportunities

I will leave it up to you to decide whether three is any value to be had by backing any players each-way instead of placing a win bet on them, however you will be paid out to two places and  at one half of the win odds at most bookies sites and apps.

Whilst you can of course back any player each-way if you so desire, the one player that do currently represent some excellent each-way betting value and one you may be prepared to back each-way too is Federer at his current odds of 5/1.

Other Betting Opportunities

It will of course depend on just what level of risk you want to have attached to your bets and wagers as to just which tennis players you should be backing to win this tournament, but the further down the list do players you look the bigger and much more appealing their respective odds will become.

However, do always keep in mind that bookies are only going to be offering you higher odds on the players that they feel do have very little chance of winning.

The other players that have been attracting a small bit of support from punters, but certainly nothing significant include the likes of Medvedev at 18/1, Zverev at 20/1 and Tsitsipas and 25/1 and then you have players such as Nishikori, Thiem and Cilic who are very easy to back at much bigger odds of 28/1.