Michael Conlan vs. Ruben Garcia Hernandez Betting

I doubt it will be worth your time and effort getting up at 2am on the 18th of March to watch the Michael Conlan vs. Ruben Garcia Hernandez boxing bout, for if you take a look at the betting on that match if you have never seen those two boxers box before it is a foregone conclusion that Michael Conlan is going to win that match and probably in lightning speed too!

I did however check out plenty of betting sites this morning just to see which ones if any were offering decent odds on that match, and sadly they were all offering the same low odds on a Conlan win and those odds for reference are 1/100!

The only value in that match is if for some unknown reason you think that the match will end in a draw for the odds on a draw at betting sites such as Coral are 33/1, and as for the odds attached and on offer on Hernandez are huge at 20/1, but those odds do tell their own story as to just what his winning chances are of course.

There are of course plenty of other upcoming boxing bouts that are scheduled this coming week and in the very near future too and with that in mind below you will find some that you may fancy betting on which by the way come with some much better odds attached to them!

Luis Collazo vs. Samuel Vargas

At 3am UK time on the 18th of March you will as find the Luis Collazo vs. Samuel Vargas match will be in play and the betting markets on that match at Coral are much more appealing that’s for sure.

As for just which boxer is the one most punters are latching onto and are backing that boxer is Luis Collazo who has been backed right down to win odds of 8/11 to win that match, for reference though the draw odds are 16/1 and you can also back Samuel Vargas to win at odds of 6/5 if you so desire.

Joshua Buatsi vs. Liam Conroy

Later on this moth on the 23rd of March there are a couple of other boxing matches that you may fancy having a financial interest in the first of which is the Luis Collazo vs. Samuel Vargas bout that will be starting at 8pm UK time.

However, that is sadly another match in which one boxer does have some rather disappointingly low odds attached to him and that is Luis Collazo who looks fairly unbeatable if you are to take his 1/50 win odds at face value.

The odds on that match ending in a draw are of course huge at 33/1 and Samuel Vargas certainly does look up against it seeing as his win odds in that match are 12/1!

The other match in the 23rd of March 2019 is the Lewis Ritson vs. Andy Townend bout and Ritson is going to take some beating looking at his current win odds of 1/14, however for those of you out there that think the match will end in a draw those odds are 22/1 and you can also get odds of 13/2 Townend winning.