MintBet Free Bet of up to £250 on Winning Horse Race Accumulators

There are always no end of daily promotional offers you can make use of at each of our featured sports betting sites, bookies and sportsbooks, however if you enjoy placing horse racing related bets then I do feel you are going to be impressed by the current offer over at MintBet.

They are offering all customers the chance of getting a free bet worth up to a whopping £250 each time they place a winning horse race accumulator bet, and it will be the type of accumulator bet you place and the returns that will determine just how much you will get as a free bet.

Below I am going to walk you through that promotional offer and give you an insight into just how it has been designed, so if you are quite partial to placing horse racing accumulators then there are plenty of benefits of placing them over at MintBet.

Below I do enlighten you on how that offer has been structured and put together, but be aware that as one of our top rated and approved betting sites, when you do sign up as a new customer of MintBet they are going to give you access to a sign up welcome bonus offer.

However, for you to qualify for that bonus you will need to click through our links to take you to their betting site, so make sure that is something you do, for you really will want to make use of that betting sites sign up welcome bonus offer when you read through the very fair terms and conditions attached to it, which by the way are found on the MintBet website.

Trebles to 10-Fold Accumulators

As long as you place a treble up to to a 10-fold winning accumulator bet at MintBet then you are going to qualify for their free bet bonus, this is however a time limited offer so you will be best advised to check on their website to make sure it is still live when placing such a bet.

If you place a winning treble bet on which you have selected three horses running in different races then you will qualify for a free bet of 30% the value of your winning pay-out on that bet which is capped at £250 per winning bet.

That free bet becomes much higher in value if you place a winning 4-fold bet for the percentage of your winnings that are given to you as a free bet is 40%, place a winning 5-fold bet and you get 50% of your winnings back as a bonus free bet, that grows in value to 60% if you place a winning 6-fold horse racing accumulator bet.

Should you be lucky enough to place a winning 7-fold, 8-fold, 9-fold or even a 10-fold horse racing accumulator bet then the percentage of your winnings that is given to you as a bonus free bet is 70%, 80%, 90% and 100% respectively.

Terms and Conditions of the MintBet Accumulator Bonus Bet

There are of course a small set of terms and conditions associated with this MintBet offer, however as they have been kept to an absolute minimum and are very punter friendly it isn’t going to take you hours to read through them all.

Those terms and conditions are to be found over on their website, but to save you looking right now I will give you a basic overview of each of them, to allow you to decide for yourself if this is an offer that will be of interest to you and will be worth you taking part in it!

The first thing you do need to be aware of is that there is a maximum amount you can claim when making  use of this offer, and that is £250, if you have set your MintBet betting account to operate using Euros then the maximum amount you can claim is capped at €250 instead.

It is a straight win accumulator type of bet that is going to see you qualifying for the free bet, and that winning accumulator bet must contain at the very least three selections, they must all be horses that are running in different races too obviously.

It is also important to note that you must have chosen to accept the starting price to get to take advantage of this free bet offer, if you have chosen to take the prices offer instead then you are not going to qualify for your free bet!

It doesn’t matter which races your horses are running in, MintBet have made this offer available on all horse racing betting markets that they offer on their betting site.

In the event of any races being abandoned or voided that you have bet on, you will still qualify for the free bet bonuses as long as the total number of horses you have placed on your accumulator bet does not fall to lower in number that three horses.

The free bets value will be removed from your winning pay-out and you are not going to qualify for the bonus f you have opted for the early cashed out option on your accumulator bet. You will not have to wait more than 48 hours for your free bet to be credited to your account and you can used that free bet on any betting opportunities that are offering with odds higher than 1/2.

Please do head on over to the MintBet betting site if you do fancy making use of this promotional offer, for if you are a fan of horse racing and placing accumulator type bets you are going to be very hard-pressed to find a much more generous offer online!

The above is just a small overview of the terms and conditions of this offer to give you a basic insight into how they have been designed, but you do need to read the actual MintBet terms and conditions which are the ones you will be abiding by when making use of this offer.